Arthur C. Erickson

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Works Canadian Chancery, at Washington D.C.
Fire Island House, at Fire Island, New York, 1977.
Graham House, at West Vancouver, BC, Canada, 1963.  * 3D Model *
Robson Square, at Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, 1980.
Waterfall Building, at Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, completed 2001.  at ArchitectureWeek
Museum of Glass, at Tacoma, Washington, 2002.   at ArchitectureWeek

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Arthur C. Erickson

(b. Vancouver, Canada 1924, d. Vancouver, Canada, May 20, 2009)

Arthur Erickson was born in Vancouver, Canada in 1924. Considered one of Canada's greatest architects, Erickson studied at the University of British Columbia and McGill University, Montreal. After traveling extensively in Europe and the Far East, he returned to practice in Vancouver. In 1953, he established a practice which eventually expanded to Toronto and the Middle East. Erickson/ Massey Associates was formed in 1963 after Erickson and Geoffrey Massey won a design competition.

Contributing to the rebirth of Modernism within Canada, Erickson has shown considerable skill in adapting and extending principles drawn from Le Corbusier. He has shown a unique ability to handle large-scale contemporary architecture in the urban context by creating bold architectural forms that exploit the effects of various materials and structural systems.

Since 1972, as principal of Arthur Erickson Architects, Erickson has continued the search for large-scale images. In his later works, Erickson has generated a new spatial complexity in which typically simple detailing and neutral colors set off objects within the space.

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Recipient of the American Institute of Architects Gold Medal, 1986.

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"Erickson's Urban Waterfall", by Guy Babineau, ArchitectureWeek No. 87, 2002.0220. pD1.1.   Find books about Arthur C. Erickson

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