Bernard Maybeck

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Works Boke House, at Berkeley, California, 1902.
Chick House, at Berkeley, California, 1913.
First Church of Christ, at Berkeley, California, 1910.
Maybeck Studio, at Berkeley, California, 1924.  * 3D Model *
Rose Walk, at Berkeley, California, 1912.

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Bernard Maybeck

(b. New York, New York 1882; d. Berkeley, California 1957)

Maybeck was born in New York in 1862. In 1882 he travelled to Paris where he studied architecture at the Ecole des Beaux Arts. During his studies he embraced the theories of Viollet-le-duc with their combined emphasis on medievalism and technological advancement. After uneventful periods in New York and Kansas City, Maybeck moved to San Francisco where he joined the firm of A. Page Brown. By 1894 he had established a private practice in Berkeley. He was an important mentor to a number of young architects, including Julia Morgan.

Maybeck developed an eclectic vocabulary of forms that borrowed from the regional forms and construction of California. Although his designs show a relationship between decoration and structure, Maybeck accepted and used a variety of styles. He resolved each design with the belief that every architectural problem required an original solution.

Maybeck was awarded the Gold Medal of the American Institute of Architects in 1951. He died in Berkeley, California in 1957.

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