Bijvoet and Duiker

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Works Aalsmeer House, at Aalsmeer, The Netherlands, 1924.  * 3D Model *

Maison de Verre, by Bijvoet and Chareau, at Paris, France, 1927 to 1932.

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Bijvoet and Duiker

(Duiker b. The Hague, Netherlands 1890; d. Amsterdam, Netherlands 1935; Bijvoet b. Amsterdam, Netherlands 1889; d. Haarlem, Netherlands 1979)

Johannes Duiker and Bernard Bijvoet were students at the Delft School of Architecture where they achieved early fame by winning the competition for the Fine Art State Academy in 1919. Although not built, this scheme set a high standard for their future work.

As true progressives Duiker and Bijvoet were closely linked to the De Stijl group, whose ideas developed during the First World War. Duiker was also closely associated with the functionalist Opbouw group.

Early on, the pair succumbed to the immense influence which Frank Lloyd Wright had exerted after the publication of the Wasmuth volumes. However, they eventually adapted a style more in pace with the International style.

The works of Duiker and Bijvoet testified to the successful melding of avant-garde architecture and a utopian society. Their ideas and works survive today in the work of architects like Aldo Van Eyck and Hermann Hertzberger.

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