Frank Gehry

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Works American Center, at Paris, France, 1988.
California Aerospace Museum, at Los Angeles, CA, 1982 to 1984.
Edgemar Development, at Santa Monica, CA, 1984.
Experience Music Project, at Seattle, Washington, 1999 to 2000.
Fishdance Restaurant, at Kobe, Japan, 1986 to 1989.
Gehry House, at Santa Monica, California, 1979 and 1987.
Goldwyn Branch Library, at Hollywood, CA, 1982.
Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, at Bilbao, Spain, 1997.
Herman Miller Facilities, at Rocklin, CA, 1985.
Hollywood Bowl, at Hollywood, CA, 1970 to 1982.
Joseph Magnin Store, at Costa Mesa, CA, 1968.
Loyola University Law School, at Los Angeles, CA, 1981 to 1984.
Los Angeles Children's Museum, at Los Angeles, CA, 1979.
Norton House, at Venice, CA, 1983.
O'Neill Hay Barn, at San Juan Capistrano, CA, 1968.
Ron Davis Studio and House, at Malibu, CA, 1970 to 1972.
Rouse Company Headquarters, at Columbia, MD, 1974.
Ruscha House, at 29 Palms, CA, 1977.
Santa Monica Place, at Santa Monica, CA, 1973 to 1980.
Schnabel Residence, at Brentwood, CA, 1986.
University of Minnesota Art Museum, at Minneapolis, MN, 1990.
Venice Beach House, at Venice, CA, 1986.
Vitra Design Museum, at Weil-am-Rhein, Germany, 1987 to 1989.
Walt Disney Concert Hall, at Los Angeles, CA, 1989 to 2004.   at ArchitectureWeek
Winton Guest House, at Wayzata, Minnesota, 1984 to 1986.
Wosk Residence, at Beverly Hills, CA, 1982.
Yale Psychiatric Institute, at New Haven, CT, 1985 to 1989.
Venice Beach House, Venice, California.

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Frank Gehry

(b. Toronto, Ontario, Canada 1929)

Frank Gehry was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in 1929. He studied at the Universities of Southern California and Harvard, before he established his first practice, Frank O. Gehry and Associates in 1963. In 1979 this practice was succeeded by the firm Gehry & Krueger Inc.

Over the years, Gehry has moved away from a conventional commercial practice to a artistically directed atelier. His deconstructed architectural style began to emerge in the late 1970s when Gehry, directed by a personal vision of architecture, created collage-like compositions out of found materials. Instead of creating buildings, Gehry creates ad-hoc pieces of functional sculpture.

Gehry's architecture has undergone a marked evolution from the plywood and corrugated-metal vernacular of his early works to the distorted but pristine concrete of his later works. However, the works retain a deconstructed aesthetic that fits well with the increasingly disjointed culture to which they belong.

In the large-scale public commissions he has received since he converted to a deconstructive aesthetic, Gehry has explored the classical architecture themes. In these works he melds formal compositions with an exploded aesthetic. Most recently, Gehry has combined sensous curving forms with complex deconstructive massing, achieving significant new results.

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Recipient of the Pritzker Architecture Prize, 1990.

Recipient of the American Institute of Architects Gold Medal, 1999.

Gehry Partners, LLP (previously Frank 0. Gehry & Associates Inc.)
12541 Beatrice Street
Los Angeles, CA 90066
vox 310.482.3000
fax 310.482.3006

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