I. P. Golosov

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Works Zuyev Club, at Moscow, Russia, 1928.


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I. P. Golosov

(Ilya b. 1883; d. 1945; Pantelemon b. 1882; d. 1945)

Ilya Golosov was born in 1883. His brother Pantelemon was born in 1882. Both attended the Stroganove College and the Moscow College of Painting, Sculpture, and Architecture and both lived and worked in Moscow throughout their lives. Both of the Golosovs taught: Pantelemon at the Moscow Institute of Architecture and Ilya at the Vkhutemas, the Moscow Polytechnic, and the Moscow Institute of Architecture.

Of the two, Ilya Golosov exhibited the most creativity. Although Pantelemon generated professional designs in neoclassic and Constructivist styles, he lacked his brother's innovation with form. Ilya created bold, sculptural designs that utilized contrasting cylindrical and orthogonal forms in a new and imaginative way.

With the official instigation of Social Realism, Ilya Golosov reverted to an architecture of historical imitation. As a member of the pro-Constructivist Association of Contemporary Architects, he opposed the strictly functionalist position then advanced by many contemporaries including his brother.

Only Ilya built extensively. The majority of his works took place during the Stalinist era, when he designed seven major government commissions.

Both brothers died in 1945.

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