Kunio Mayekawa

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Kunio Mayekawa

(b. Niigata City, Japan 1905)

Kunio Mayekawa was born in Niigata City, Japan in 1905. He graduated with a degree in architecture from the University of Tokyo in 1928 and trained with Le Corbusier in Paris until 1930 and with Antonin Raymond, a disciple of Frank Lloyd Wright, in Tokyo until 1935. He has worked in private practice in Tokyo since 1935.

Considered the father of modern Japanese architecture, Mayekawa developed a keen understanding of the International Style while working as a member of Le Corbusier's atelier. The experience left an indelible mark on his work.

Mayekawa first began using exposed concrete before the Second World War, and he continued to refine its use after the war. In each case the articulation of mass and the precision of detail reinforced the strength and clarity of the design.

Today Mayekawa draws a distinction between "pre-industrial architecture and post-industrial architecture", emphasizing the gradual shift from natural materials like stone and wood to man-made materials like steel, concrete and plastic.

Mayekawa remains a creative artist and a master of his craft who has influenced nearly three generations of modern Japanese architects. Today, he continues to strive for architectural excellence.

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