Lucien Kroll

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Works Medical Faculty Housing, at Louvain, or Leuven, Belgium, 1970 to 1976.

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Lucien Kroll

(b. Brussel, Belgium 1927)

Lucien Kroll was born in Brussel, Belgium in 1927. After graduating from the Ecole Natinal Superieure de la Cambre, Brussels with an architecture degree, he studied city planning at the Institut Superieur de la Cambre and at the Institut Superieur International d'Urbanisme in Brussels. He worked in partnership with Charles Vandehove in Brussels from 1951 to 1957 after which he established his own practice. In 1970 he established Atelier Kroll.

From the outset of his career Kroll aspired to a vernacular style which showed no sign of "progressiveness" but which involved a constrained use of simple forms and materials. He mixed materials in a seemingly random fashion and favored weathered materials that harbor vegetation and look as which give the building an eternal air. He created buildings that related to both the landscape and to the people using them.

Kroll favored group participation in his projects. He negated his "authority-as-expert" position in order to generate ideas and solutions from his clients. With views so much at variance with those of the Establishment, it is not surprising that, despite all his care for those who will use his buildings, Kroll is not widely popular in Belgium.

Muriel Emmanuel. Contemporary Architects. New York: St. Martin's Press, 1980. ISBN 0-312-16635-4. NA 680-C625. p442-444.

Lucien Kroll
Atelier d'urbanisme d’architecture et informatique

20 avenue Louis Berlaimont
Bruxelles 1160
vox 322 673 35 39
fax 322 673 89 27

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