Jakob Prandtauer & Gotthard Linz

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Jakob Prandtauer & Gotthard Linz

(b. Landeck, Austria 1658; d. 1726)

Jacob Prandtauer was born in Stanz, Austria in 1658. One of the great architects of the Austrian baroque, he studied masonry and architecture under Hans Gerog Asam. By 1680 Prandtauer had made contact with the Carlones, an Italian family of masons and sculptors who influenced his architecture with their use of frescoes and stuccoed vaults.

After studying the work of Andreas Faistenberger in Munich, Prandtauer worked as a sculptor on the Duke of Courland's Castle in Thalheim. While working in Thalheim, he extended a terrace garden and designed a new pavilion. He quickly received several commissions for sculptures and other architectural features.

Although his mastery of traditional craftsmanship initially made Prandtauer skeptical of the baroque style, he eventually created a synthesis between local, traditional design and the evolving baroque style. Although Prandtauer never intended to create a style or make an architectural statement, he influenced the direction of architecture until the mid-eighteenth century.

In the last twenty years of his career, Prandtauer helped rebuild and restore numerous religious buildings. Although he worked with a spectrum of styles, he successfully melded local tradition with the influences of Roman Italian, northern Italian, and German to create a new baroque style. His flexibility in different situations, exhibited his freedom from stylistic dogma.

Prandtauer died in 1726.

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