Raj Rewal

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Works Asian Games Village, at New Delhi, India, 1980 to 1982.
Parliament Library, New Delhi, at New Delhi, India, 2002.  at ArchitectureWeek

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Raj Rewal

(b. 1934) "Some Eastern architects are exploring ways to merge traditional architectural forms and modernism. One such attempt is Rewal's use of handcrafted stone grills, or jalis. In precolonial Indian architecture, jalis were used for decoration and to separate the outside from the inside, to diffuse the harsh sunlight, and to visually and audibly connect two spaces while physically separating them.

"Sadly, the lack of patronage for Indian craftsmanship by the British during their nearly 200-year colonial rule almost destroyed the rich tradition. Rewal has introduced craftsmen to modern tools and chemicals hoping that they will revive the tradition. In the Parliament Library, jalis are integrated artfully, creating a typically Indian look.

"Rewal's search for a contemporary Indian identity does not stop there. The building typology and the spirituality associated with the mandala are quintessentially Indian. He has created contemporary Indian architecture that uses innovative technology to express both modernity and regionalism with connections to the physical surroundings and to a venerable history. "
— Raj Jadhav, ArchitectureWeek No. 168

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"Parliament Library, New Delhi", by Raj Jadhav, ArchitectureWeek No. 168, 2003.1022, p1.   Find books about Raj Rewal

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