Victor Horta

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Works Lambeaux Sculpture Pavilion, at Brussels, Belgium, 1889.
Mattyn House, at Brussels, Belgium, 1890.
Tassel House, at Brussels, Belgium, 1892 to 1893.
Autrique House, at Brussels, Belgium, 1893.
Frison Town House, at Brussels, Belgium, 1894.
Winssigner House, at Brussels, Belgium, 1894 to 1903.
Hotel van Eetvelde, at Brussels, Belgium, 1895 to 1898.
Hotel Solvay, at Brussels, Belgium, 1895 to 1900.
Maison du Peuple, Place Emile van de Velde, at Brussels, Belgium, 1896 to 1898.
Horta House (now Musee Horta), at Brussels, Belgium, 1898.
L'Innovation Department Store, at Rue Nevue, Brussels, Belgium, 1901 to 1903.
Belgian Pavilion, International Exposition of Decorative Arts, at Turin, Italy, 1902.
Monument to Brahms, at Vienna, Austria, 1902.
Grand Bazaar Department Store, at Frankfurt, Germany, 1903 (demolished).
Waucquez Department Store, at Brussels, Belgium, 1903 to 1905.
Hallet House, at Brussels, Belgium, 1903.
Musee des Beaux-Arts, at Tournai, 1903 to 1928.
Wolfers Building, at Brussels, Belgium, 1906.
Brugmann Hospital, at Jette, Brussels, Belgium, 1906 to 1926.
Halle Centrale, Main Railway Station, at Brussels, Belgium, 1914 to 1952.
Palaix des Beaux-arts, at Brussels, Belgium, 1920 to 1928.
Belgian Pavilion, Exposition des Arts Decoratifs, at Paris, France, 1925.

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Victor Horta

(b. Ghent, Belgium 1861; d. Brussels, Belgium 1947)

Victor Horta was born in Ghent, Belgium in 1861. After studying drawing, textiles and architecture at the Ghent Academie des Beaux Arts, he worked in Paris. He returned to Belgium and worked for the classical architect Alphons Balat, before he started his own practice.

Victor Horta created buildings which rejected historical styles and marked the beginning of modern architecture. He conceived modern architecture as an abstract principle derived from relations to the environment, rather than on the imitation of forms. Although the organic forms of Art Nouveau architecture as established by Horta do not meet our standard ideas of modern architecture, Horta generated ideas which became predecessors to the ideas of many modernist.

Horta was a leading Belgium Art Nouveau architect until Art Nouveau lost public favor. At this time he easily assumed the role of a neoclassical designer. Although many of Horta's buildings have been needlessly destroyed, his former assistant Jean Delhaye has worked to preserve what remains of his work. Delhaye has also secured the Horta residence as a permanent museum.

Horta died in Brussels in 1947.

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Horta is on the Belgian 2000 frank note.

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