Altes Museum
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Architect Karl Friedrich Schinkel
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Location Berlin, Germany   map
Date 1823 to 1830   timeline
Building Type museum
 Construction System bearing masonry
Climate temperate
Context urban
Style Neoclassical
Notes Classical colonnaded facade. A major landmark in the develoment of museum typologies.


Photo, exterior, main facade, angled view

Photo, exterior, main facade

Photo, exterior, main facade




Plan Drawing

Plan Drawing




Section Drawing

Perspective Drawing

Discussion Altes Museum Commentary

"The facade unity achieved in the Schinkel museum derives from the expression of the vertical elements as a freestanding colonnade set into a tight frame provided by end walls, base, and roof. Termination of the facade by walls instead of columns and the use of the classical device of narrowing the end spacing allow the colonnade to be perceived as an entity, like seeing the forest before the trees. Moreover, a row of columns set in front of a wall always constitutes a figure-ground relationship. While the columns play the more readily apparent part of figures, the spaces between them can be equally effective figures."

— from Klaus Herdeg. The Decorated Diagram: Harvard Architecture and the Failure of the Bauhaus Legacy. p37.

The Creator's Words

"Our mind is not free if it is not the master of its imagination; the freedom of the mind is manifest in every victory over self, every resistance to external enticements, every elimination of an obstacle to this goal. Every moment of freedom is blessed."

"...the site required a very monumental building. Therefore I preferred one giant order rather than two individual expressions for the two main stories....The building surrounded on all sides by the Ionic entablature or the Ionic columnar hall, with Ionic pilasters at the four corners, forms a simple yet grand main structure into which the two floors are inserted in a subordinate manner."

— Karl Friedrich Schinkel. from Michael Snodin, ed. Karl Friedrich Schinkel: A Universal Man. p1, 34.


Located to the east of the main station.

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