Casa Luis Barragan
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Architect Luis Barragan
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Location Tacubaya, Mexico
Date 1947   timeline
Building Type architect's house
 Construction System masonry
Climate hot, dry
Context urban
Style Modern
Notes Composed in cuboids, planes, and colors.






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Discussion Casa Luis Barragan Commentary

The Creator's Words

"As regards my own concept of architecture, I believe that much of what we have been doing over the last fifteen of twenty years is essentially academic, with no real exploration of new forms; it has been an 'international' architecture. Take, for example, the use of enormous plate windows, which are totally unsuited to our—or any other—climate. They deprive our buildings of intimacy, the effects of shadow and atmosphere. Architects all over the world have been mistaken in the proportions which they have assigned to large plate windows or spaces opening to the outside. Indeed, some 'homes' are in fact simply glass boxes, or rather clubs. This use of glass is admirable in a sports club. It enables us to see what is going on outside, but our private life should not be lived in a house like a club. Perhaps that is why we so often want to 'go out', to get away from our houses. We have lost our sense of intimate life and have become forced to live public lives, essentially away from home.

—Luis Barragan. from Anada Alanis, ed. Luis Barragan: Clásico del Silencio. p242.


Casa-Museo Luis Barragan, open to the public.
Telephone (52) 5 272 49 45 and (52) 5 515 49 08.

Sources on Casa Luis Barragan

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Kevin Matthews. The Great Buildings Collection on CD-ROM. Artifice, 2001. ISBN 0-9667098-4-5.— Available at  Find books about Casa Luis Barragan


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