Central Beheer
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Architect Hermann Hertzberger
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Location Apeldoorn, The Netherlands   map
Date 1967 to 1972   timeline
Building Type Corporate office complex
 Construction System precast concrete, unit masonry
Climate temperate
Context urban
Style Modern
Notes Fine-grained informal people-places through-out interior. Fine use of coarse materials.




Axonometric Drawing

Lower Plan Drawing

Section Drawing

Section Drawing

Site Plan Drawing

Upper Plan Drawing

Discussion Central Beheer Commentary

"The idea...is that of a building as a sort of settlement, consisting of a larger number of equal spatial units, like so many islands strung together. These spatial units constitute the basic building blocks; they are comparatively small and can accommodate the different programme components (or 'functions'), because their dimensions as well as their form and spatial organization are geared to that purpose. They are therefore polyvalent...

"The basic requirements of an office building may well be simple enough in principle, but it was this need for adaptability that led to the complexity of the commission. Constant changes occur within the organization, thereby requiring frequent adjustments to the size of the different departments. The building must be capable of accommodating these internal forces, while the building as a whole must continue to function in every respect and at all times."

— Arnulf Lčchinger. Herman Hertzberger : Buildings and Projects. p87.

Sources on Central Beheer

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