Chiswick House
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Architect Lord Burlington
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Location Chiswick, England   map
Date 1729   timeline
Building Type large house
 Construction System bearing masonry
Climate temperate
Style Palladian
Notes Also known as "Burlington House".


Photo, exterior overview

Photo, interior with columns


Elevation Drawing

Plan Drawing

Section Drawing

Perspective Drawing

3D Model
3D Massing Model (DesignWorkshop 3dmf)

Model Viewing Instructions
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Discussion Chiswick House Commentary

"Lord Burlington (1694-1753), the other central figure in the Palladian movement, had a more intellectual approach to Palladian principles. Not only a distinguished amateur architect and important patron, he became the acknowledged arbiter of taste in Palladian England. At Chiswick he added to his Jacobean mansion (destroyed) a smaller version of the Rotonda, Chiswick House, which also takes ideas from Scamozzi's Rocca Pisani (q.v.). The plan has two suites of apartments around an octagonal domed saloon. The sequence of variously shaped rooms, round, octagonal and apsidal-ended, reappears at Holkham Hall, Norfolk, and influenced Robert Adam. On the exterior, tastefully selected openings punctuate the neutral wall surface. The recessed Venetian windows of the rear faŤade were to have a long history in Palladian building."

— Sir Banister Fletcher. A History of Architecture. p1044.

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