D. D. Martin House
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Architect Frank Lloyd Wright
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Location Buffalo, New York   map
Date 1904   timeline
Building Type large house
 Construction System brick exterior walls, concrete slabs, some steel, stained glass windows
Climate cold temperate
Context suburban
Style Prairie Style, American.
Notes S.100. simultaneous to Larkin building. long overhangs, raked brick joints


Photo, exterior overview, historical



Detail Drawing

Plan Drawing

Upper Plan Drawing

Rendering, analytical axonometric   AW FREE TRIAL IMAGE at ArchitectureWeek

Drawing, sketched plan  at ArchitectureWeek

More drawings available on The GBC CD-ROM.

Discussion D. D. Martin House Commentary

"The main house is a low, two-story block with standard relation to grade, terminated at the left by a porte-cochere and at the right by a covered porch. The plan, quite aside from all those innovations which we have by now come to expect, is remarkable. The entrance hall bisects the house. To its right is the great unit-room, its separate functions flowing imperceptibly into each other and suggested only by truncated partitions and portieres. The central portion, with an enormously wide fireplace, is the living room, advancing toward the glazed doorways leading to the porch. The two flanking spaces are a library and a dining room; these are well-lighted by long rows of casements, but the living room is dark, its source of daylight overshadowed by the roof of the porch."

— Grant Carpenter Manson. Frank Lloyd Wright to 1910: The First Golden Age. p142-144.

The Creator's Words

"Every great architect is—necessarily—a great poet. He must be a great original interpreter of his time, his day, his age."

"Space. The continual becoming: invisible fountain from which all rhythms flow and to which they must pass. Beyond time or infinity."

— Frank Lloyd Wright. from Vincent Scully, Jr. Frank Lloyd Wright. p11.

"There is no such thing as true style not indigenous. Let us now try to evaluate style. 'Style is the man.' Yes, style is, as should be, largely a matter of innate character. But style only becomes significant and impressive in architecture when it is thus integral or organic. Because it is innate it is style genuine—or not at all. Style is now a quality natural to the building itself. Style develops from within. Great repose—serenity, a new tranquillity—is the reward for proper use of each or any material in the true forms of which each is naturally most capable.

— Frank Lloyd Wright. from Frank Lloyd Wright. Frank Lloyd Wright: A Testament. p229.


125 Jewett Parkway
Buffalo, New York 14214

— Thomas A. Heinz. Architectural Monographs No. 18: Frank Lloyd Wright. p140.

Sources on D. D. Martin House

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