Dunsmuir Flats
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Architect Gregory Ain
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Location Los Angeles, California   map
Date 1937   timeline
Building Type multifamily housing
 Construction System wood panel/post construction
Climate mild desert
Context suburban
Style Modern
Notes Understated, staggered two story massing blocks


Photo, from across the street

Photo, from near sidewalk


Plan Drawing
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3D Model
3D Massing Model (DesignWorkshop 3dmf)

Model Viewing Instructions
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Discussion Dunsmuir Flats Commentary

"By staggering the four row houses on his difficult 49-foot inside lot, the architect has gained extraordinary advantages. Major rooms have three exposures and each house obtains a well screened garden court, each bedroom a secluded balcony. The houses open to their gardens on the south, but windows on street and entrance sides are kept high for privacy.

"The building is as consequent in structure and form as it is in plan. Instead of the usual stud frame, widely spaced 4-by-4 wood posts are the basis of an extremely regular design. Glass is set directly between the posts, forming continuous bands almost flush with the smooth walls. Emphasis is on the enclosed volume rather than on the walls which define it."

—from Elizabeth Mock, ed. Built in the USA Since 1932. p53.

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