El Pueblo Ribera Court
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Architect Rudolf M. Schindler
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Location La Jolla, California   map
Date 1923   timeline
Building Type attached houses
 Construction System concrete masonry, wood
Climate mild, dry
Context coastal, suburban
Style Modern
Notes U-shaped plans.






Detail Drawing

Site Plan Drawing

Perspective Drawing

Discussion El Pueblo Ribera Court Commentary

"Throughout the twenties Schindler continued to experiment with concrete. After using tilt-slab construction in the King's Road house, in 1923 he tried out concrete poured in movable forms for an inexpensive garden court, the 12-unit Pueblo Ribera Courts in La Jolla....Excellent plot plan arranged the units so that the masonry walls of one served as garden enclosure for another...Schindler did not approach a minimum house from the point of view of how much could be left out; he exercised the strictest economy on structure so that he could indulge in what he considered the vital luxuries of life. Here the luxuries were three different types of living areas: indoors, enclosed court and roof terrace, each communicating naturally with the others.

In the lift-form concrete system he achieved an organic whole out of an aggregation of small units. The form work was both ingenious and simple."

— Esther McCoy. Five California Architects. p161-163.

The Creator's Words

"The sense for the perception of architecture is not the eyes—but living. Our life is its image."

— Rudolph M. Schindler. from Esther McCoy. Five California Architects. p149-150.

Sources on El Pueblo Ribera Court

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