Euram Building
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Architect Hartman-Cox
Location Washington, D.C.,   map
Date 1971   timeline
Building Type commercial office building
Climate temperate
Context urban
Style Corporate Modern




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Discussion Euram Building Commentary

The Creator's Words

"An initial, if abstract, step toward a contextually-determined commercial architecture, the eight-story Euram Building was designed to echo the massing, scale, colors, and materials of the neighboring buildings around Dupont Circle. The red brick and concrete elevations reflect the Dupont Circle Building next door while the re-entrant facade and bridge over the entrance come from Stanford White's Washington Club across the Circle.

"The building was configured around a triangular, light-filled atrium, the first such in Washington, in part because a zoning peculiarity allowed space for a central court without exacting a price in allowable building area. A simple program of generic office spaces prompted a design that expresses the building's principal elements--its vertical circulation; its lobby, office, and service spaces; and, particularly, its structure. The bridgelike, exposed concrete beams and post-tensioned girders spanning brick corner piers are a direct expression of the Euram Building's columnless undergirding. Originally designed with gray glass, clear glass was substituted at the owner's insistence. This change clarified the design, allowing a clearer reading of solid and void, particularly at night..."

— Hartman-Cox Architects,

Sources on Euram Building

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Peter Blake. "Opening in the Wedge", Architectural Forum, May 1972, Volume 136 Number 4. p35. p32.  Find books about Euram Building


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