Frog Hollow
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Architect Stanley Tigerman
Date 1973 to 1974   timeline
Building Type house




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The Creator's Words

“So they [i.e., the drawings] don’t come to closure, there is an appearance of coming to closure in architecture because you build it. I would say generally you come to closure; something gets built. We [i.e., in my office] try and defer that as long as possible, because I love this stuff and I like to sort of play with it, fondle it, remanipulate it and mold it and knead it and never let [my] hands off it.…I don’t like finishing buildings. The thing that’s interesting to me about what we’re doing is a way of escaping completion…These kinds of drawings, sketches—drawing modifying—are my way of avoiding dying. Thinking of the building as the end, I try to avoid the end of the project; when a building is built, it’s finally done. I don’t like the program, I don’t like the building, what I really enjoy is all this, the drawing. These kinds of drawings…are what I’m about as an architect, and what I think architecture is about. I don’t think architecture is about closure; I think architecture is about modifying.”

— Stanley Tigerman. from Daniel M. Herbert. Architectural Study Drawings. p32-33.

Sources on Frog Hollow

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Stanley Tigerman. Versus, an American architect's alternatives. New York: Rizzoli International Publications, 1982. photo of exterior, p98. photo of view of arrow window from pond, p98. axonometric drawing, f4, p99. axonometric drawing, f1, p99.  Find books about Frog Hollow


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