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Architect Eliel Saarinen
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Location outside Helsinki, Finland
Date 1902   timeline
Building Type architects' housing cluster with studios
 Construction System masonry and timber
Climate cold
Context rural
Style Finnish National Romantic
Notes with A. Lindgren, H. Gesellius. The collective retreat of the leaders of a generation of Finnish architects.




Available on The GBC CD-ROM.

Discussion Hvittrask Commentary

"Here is the pioneer work of National Romanticism: a group of studios and dwellings designed from 1901 onwards for their joint use by Herman Gesellius, Armas Lindgren and Eliel Saarinen, on a wooded site rising steeply from the edge of a lake... The first part to be built (1902)... consisted of a studio and workshop (later to be used as stables) with a large flat above... It was simple in style, reminiscent of Karelian vernacular building. The remainder of the project is more original and sophisticated, and shows the influence of the new domestic architecture (itself based on a revived interest in vernacular building methods) that had lately emerged in Europe and particularly in England..."

—J.M. Richards. 800 Years of Finnish Architecture. Vancouver: David and Charles, 1978. p118-119.

Sources on Hvittrask

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