Ichinomiya Rowhouses
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Architect Kenzo Tange
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Location Ichinomiya, Japan
Date 1961   timeline
Building Type rowhouses
 Construction System site-cast concrete
Climate humid subtropical
Context urban
Style Modern
Notes Block massing.




Axonometric Drawing

Site Plan Drawing

Discussion Ichinomiya Rowhouses Commentary

"The Ichinomiya group represents the Eastern equivalent of the rowhouse. It is in a rural setting...Although the individual units are much smaller than their Western counterparts, the grouping is rather typical of Western arrangements. The landscape plays a much more dominant role, however, and the buildings rather easily accommodate themselves to the existing stream and trees....Each unit has a garden defined by a low wall, and a higher wall separates every second unit....There are several different types of units. Built on a module of about 11 feet, the one-story units use two bays—about 23 feet—and the two-story units only one bay. Both types are of comparable size, about 400 square feet, with four rooms each. Only the two-story apartments have balconies, but both have a paved patio on the garden side."

—Roger Sherwood. Modern Housing Prototypes. p60-61.

The Creator's Words

"Whereas the total system in cities is being defined by huge construction work, involving things like highways, over a long period of time, the dwelling unit is changing over a short period, and factory-produced elements over an even shorter one.

"Several questions occur. Can architecture not constitute a long-term structure which can define the system? With factory-produced elements, cannot houses which would be suitable to a shorter time-span be constructed? Is it not possible to find an order which will associate the two? Cannot we conceive of a major structure and a minor structure which, like the trunk and leaves of a tree, are linked, but which change according to different cycles? Can the major structures not have the same possibility for growth as a tree trunk?"

— Kenzo Tange. from Paolo Riani. Kenzo Tange. p24.

Sources on Ichinomiya Rowhouses

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Kevin Matthews. The Great Buildings Collection on CD-ROM. Artifice, 2001. ISBN 0-9667098-4-5.— Available at  Find books about Ichinomiya Rowhouses


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