King's College Chapel
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Architect unknown
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Location Cambridge, England   map
Date 1446 to 1515   timeline
Building Type church, chapel
 Construction System masonry, cut stone
Climate temperate
Context campus setting
Style English Gothic
Notes lacy stone fan vaulting with soaring stained glass windows. linear plan.


Photo, Interior

Photo, Exterior

Photo, Exterior


Elevation Drawing

Plan Drawing

Section Drawing

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3D Model
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Model Viewing Instructions
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Discussion King's College Chapel Commentary

"There are no spatial surprises in King's Chapel, for its open, rectangular interior space is immediately graspable. Yet this narrow, lofty, lengthy chapel is one of the great rooms in architecture. It radiates light: some two-thirds of each of its four walls are of stained glass, which fills all the space between the buttresses. The glass is not of a medieval richness but bright, with considerable clear or opaque panes (grisaille) setting off the figures. (The chapel, dating several hundred years after the High Gothic—and built for a distinguished university—did not need to have its stained glass serve as 'book' for an unlettered congregation.) With the exception of the west window, which was designed in 1879, the glass dates from 1517-47 and was the work of a German-born and a Flemish artist."

— from G.E. Kidder Smith. Looking at Architecture. p70.


The interior space is 290 feet long and 40 feet wide.

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