Maison Carree
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Architect unknown
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Location Nimes, Provence, France   map
Date -16   timeline
Building Type Roman temple
 Construction System bearing masonry, cut stone
Climate mediterranean
Context urban
Style Ancient Roman Provincial Corinthian
Notes well-preserved Roman temple. Corinthian columns.




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Discussion Maison Carree Commentary

"This civic Roman temple was built by Agrippa, who died in 12 B.C. It was then dedicated to his two sons, Caius and Lucius, heirs of Augustus who both died very young. It shows the allegiance and loyalty of the Roman colony to the imperial dynasty. It stands on the short south side of the forum, which it dominates resting on a podium which is nearly 3 metres (10 feet) high. It was built of local limestone, but without a doubt the architect and workmen came from Rome. The source of the frieze with its acanthus scrolls is the Ara Pacis in Rome, which is the best preserved example of Augustan classicism. The ratio of short to long sides approaches 1:2 (6:11 columns), and the portico takes up almost a third of the total length."

— John Julius Norwich. The World Atlas of Architecture. p163.

"It represents the ultimate of Graeco-Etruscan design interpreted in monumtental Augustan architecture, correct in the canons of design and incorporating a rich, well-detailed Corinthian order. It is raised on a podium 3.66m (12ft) high, with steps only on the entrance (west) facade, and it is psuedo-peripteral hexastyle."

— Sir Banister Fletcher. Sir Banister Fletcher's A History of Architecture, 17th edition, p276.

Sources on Maison Carree

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