Markets of Trajan
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Architect Apollodorus of Damascus
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Location Rome, Italy   map
Date 100 to 112   timeline
Building Type market
 Construction System bearing masonry
Climate mediterranean
Context urban
Style Roman
Notes Composed of an arc of arched arcade


Photo, exterior

Photo, interior, showing wall and vaulting brickwork

Photo, interior, arches echoing






Section Drawing

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3D Model
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Discussion Markets of Trajan Commentary

Built by the Emperor Trajan, the markets were a commercial center of about 150 shops and offices, set into the side of the Quirinal Hill and completing Trajan's Forum, which it overlooked. Both monumental and functional, it is typical of ancient Roman architecture. The semicircular brick building is set into the hill above which are tiers of terraces ascending the slope. At the upper end of the hill, a two-story market hall with a series of groin vaults was lined with shops on either side of a central promenade with a balcony level and clerestory openings above.

The brick facades are detailed with brickwork arches and pediments and travertine lintels, and the markets are a magnificent demonstration of concrete and brick construction, with vaults and arches throughout.

 — JY

"The basic unit of the still-well-preserved Markets of Trajan was the standard Roman all-purpose taberna: a barrel-vaulted cubicle, with a large opening to the street and sometimes a mezzanine lit by a small window. The markets are the finest-known example of modular commercial construction in concrete. The flexibility of the taberna unit in size, shape, and proportion permitted Apollodorus to devise a supple scheme arrayed in five levels up to the slopes of the Quirinal Hill, above the monumental parts of the forum. . . . The Markets and Forum of Trajan are superb representatives of the two sides of Roman architecture -- the utilitarian and the monumental -- at their height in the early second century A.D."

Trachtenberg and Hyman. Architecture: from Prehistory to Post-Modernism./ The Western Tradition, p. 145.

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