Merchants' Exchange
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Architect William Strickland
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Location Philadelphia, Pennsylvania   map
Date 1832 to 1834   timeline
Building Type trading exchange
 Construction System masonry, cut stone
Climate temperate
Context urban
Style Greek Revival, Corinthian columns
Notes Rounded end for corner site.




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Discussion Merchants' Exchange Commentary

“A masterpiece of elaborate Greek Revival architecture, this curious marble structure presents not only the characteristic Doric portico of the time, in the west front, but also an unusual curving facade in the Corinthian order at the east end, which recalls Sir John Soane's circular temple motif at the Bank of England in London. With this Strickland has brilliantly combined a tower in the form of the Choragic Monument of Lysicrates.”

— Theo B. White, ed. Philadelphia Architecture in the Nineteenth Century. Philadelphia: The Art Alliance Press, 1973. p26.

“The Philadelphia Merchants’ Exchange…is a brilliantly handled solution to a difficult corner site and one of the masterpieces of the period. In the early days of the new republic, Boston remained under the architectural influence of English Georgian, while Philadelphia, at that time the metropolis, became one of the main centres of the Greek Revival, launched in 1798 by Benjamin H. Latrobe, Strickland’s mentor, with the building of the Bank of Philadelphia.”

— John Julius Norwich, ed. Great Architecture of The World. p211.

Sources on Merchants' Exchange

John Julius Norwich, ed. Great Architecture of the World. London: Mitchell Beazley Publishers, 1975. ISBN 0-394-49887-9. NA200.G76. discussion, exterior photo of corner of building, p211.

Donald Corner and Jenny Young. Slide from photographer's collection. PCD.2260.1012.1841.024.  Find books about Merchants' Exchange


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