Notre Dame du Haut, or Ronchamp
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Architect Le Corbusier
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Location Ronchamp, France   map
Date 1955   timeline
Building Type church
 Construction System reinforced concrete
Climate temperate
Context rural, mountains
Style Expressionist Modern
Notes Soft-form composition, deep windows with colored glass (wall thickness 4' to 12')






Elevation Drawing

Plan Drawing

Section Drawing

Section Drawing

Site Plan Drawing

Elevation Drawing

3D Model
3D Massing Model (DesignWorkshop 3dmf)

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Discussion Notre Dame du Haut, or Ronchamp Commentary

"Surrealism is a key to other late works of Le Corbusier, most notably the church at Ronchamp, France, of 1950-54... Notre-Dame-du-Haut was a more extreme statement of Le Corbusier's late style. Progamatically,...the church is simple—an oblong nave, two side entrances, an axial main altar, and three chapels beneath towers—as is its structure, with rough masonry walls faced with whitewashed Gunite (sprayed concrete) and a roof of contrasting beton brut. Formally and symbolically, however, this small building, which is sited atop a hillside with access from the south, is immensely powerful and complex."

— Marvin Trachtenberg and Isabelle Hyman. Architecture: from Prehistory to Post-Modernism. p542-4.

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