One-Half House
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Architect John Hejduk
Date 1966   timeline
Building Type house project
Climate temperate




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Discussion One-Half House Commentary

“The most poetic member of the original New York Five is John Hejduk…who as an architect, writer, and teacher had an important impact on the development of American architecture. After his restoration of the Cooper Union Building in New York in 1975, his visionary projects created powerful manifestations that enrich architectural form and space by using a vocabulary that expands into meaningful applications, as in his ‘Thirteen Watchtowers for Cannareggio’ of 1978 and his ‘House of the Inhabitant Who Refuses to Participate’ of 1978. In his recent work in Europe.…he attempts to integrate the underlining poetic vision into the urban reality of the built form without losing the inner fascination of the meaning.…”

— from Udo Kultermann. Architecture in the 20th Century. p194.

Sources on One-Half House

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