Pearson House
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Architect Robert Venturi
Date 1957   timeline
Building Type house project




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Discussion Pearson House Commentary

“This project for a house involves things in things and things behind things. It exploits the idea of contrasting spatial layers between the inside and the outside in the series of parallel walls in plan and in the open inner domes supported on diagonal frames in section; the idea of contrapuntal, rhythmic juxtaposition in the relation of the pier openings of the porch, and of the lower and upper windows and the cupolas above the inner domes; and the idea of a series of spaces in suite which are general in shape and unspecific in function, separated by servant spaces specific in shape and function.”

— from A. Sanmartín, ed. Venturi, Rauch & Scott Brown. p20.

The Creator's Words

“One of the flaws of the Modern movement was its revolutionary zeal, its progressive rejection of the past. It is ironic that many critics of the rigidity and exclusiveness of Modernism who now fervently proclaim their liberation from its bondage display an equal, if opposite, revolutionary zeal; some of today’s most intolerant Postmodern architects were ‘Whites’ last year. It is too easy to hate our fathers in attempting to transcend them. In so doing we find refuge once again from a complex and contradictory world in simple formulas for our work and simple dogmas for our philosophy. Denise Scott Brown wrote in our preface to Learning from Las Vegas: ‘Since we have criticized Modern architecture, it is proper here to state our intense admiration of its early period when its founders, sensitive to their own times, proclaimed the right revolution. Our argument lies mainly with the irrelevant and distorted prolongation of that old revolution today.’ And now with that old revolution in a new guise.”

— Robert Venturi. from A. Sanmartín, ed. Venturi, Rauch & Scott Brown. p15.

Sources on Pearson House

Roger H. Clark and Michael Pause. Precedents in Architecture. New York: Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1985. linear circulation diagram, p197. — Updated edition available at

A. Sanmartín, ed. Venturi, Rauch & Scott Brown. London: Academy Editions, 1986. ISBN 0-85670-8828. NA737.V45V4 1986b. discussion p15, 20.  Find books about Pearson House


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