Rufer House
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Architect Adolf Loos
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Location Vienna, Austria   map
Date 1922   timeline
Building Type house
 Construction System bearing masonry
Climate temperate
Context suburban
Style Early Modern
Notes Simple boxy massing with somewhat irregular window arrangements.


Photo, exterior




Plan Drawing

Plan Drawing


Section Drawing

Section Drawing

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Discussion Rufer House Commentary

"...The house has four floors, plus a basement where the janitors lodging and services are located. The living area is on the first floor while the upper floors are used for the nighttime zone. The whole is concluded by a garret (with various service rooms and a terrace). The pivot of the composition is the single central pillar that serves both a structural function and to conduct the electrical, water and heating systems. The structural scheme is in fact extremely simple, made up of the load-bearing external walls and the above- mentioned single pillar. This has the advantage of reducing the internal dividing walls to a minimum, and they are largely replaced by thin wooden partitions or by pieces of furniture. ...Thus we find confirmation of the logical priority of an internal planning that projects an indirect, involuntary semantics onto the exterior, producing an impression of transparency."

— from Benedetto Gravagnuolo. Adolf Loos: Theory and Works. p172.

The Creator's Words

"Every material possesses a formal language which belongs to it alone and no material can take on the forms proper to another. As these forms develop out of each individual material's potential for application and from the building procedures proper to it, they have grown up with and through the material. No material permits any intrusion on its own repertoire of forms. Anyone who still dares to make such an intrusion is branded by the world as a forger. Art has nothing to do with forgery, with the lie."

— Adolf Loos. from Benedetto Gravagnuolo. Adolf Loos: Theory and Works. p23.


Schliessmanngasse 11, Vienna 13

the original layout of the interior has been modified in recent alterations

Sources on Rufer House

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