St. Clement Danes
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Architect Sir Christopher Wren
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Location Strand, London, England   map
Date 1680   timeline
Building Type church
 Construction System bearing masonry
Climate temperate
Context urban
Style English Renaissance
Notes Spire added by Gibbs, 1719 to 1720.


Photo, exterior overview through trees, front

Photo, exterior overview through trees, side



Plan Drawing

Section Drawing

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Discussion St. Clement Danes Commentary

One of 52 city churches in London by Wren, built to replace churches destroyed in the Great Fire of London in 1666. See also S. Mary Le Bow, S. Stephens Walbrook, S. James.

"S. Clement Danes, Strand (1680-2) (gutted 1941, partially restored 1958) with a graceful spire indimishing stages, added by Gibbs in 1719-22, and S. James, their two-storeyed aisles in which galleries are supported by square piers surmounted by Corinthian columns and a barrel-vaulted roof, intersected by semi-sylindrical vaults at right angles over the gallery bays."

— Sir Banister Fletcher. A History of Architecture, p1022.

"St. Clement Danes is the central church of the Royal Air Force. Regular services take place at 1100 each sunday. Entrance is free. All has been rebuilt as it was before the bombing [during World War II], and all is perfectly restored. For a challenge, visitors to the interior can seek out the name Caesar would have called his air force if he had had one!"

— courtesy of the resident chaplain, 2005

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