Temples of Paestum
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Architect unknown
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Location Paestum, near Naples, Italy   map
Date -530 to -460   timeline
Building Type temple
 Construction System cut stone, originally with stucco finish
Climate mediterranean
Context originally urban
Style Ancient Greek - Archaic Doric
Notes the Basilica, the Temple of Poseidon, the Temple of Ceres. influential in late 1700's.


Photo, exterior overview

Photo, end elevation with columns and pediment



Section Drawing




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Discussion Temples of Paestum Commentary

When the ruins of Paestum were 'rediscovered' by 'antiquaries'—chiefly Johann Joachim Winckelmann—in the 1750s, "the ruins [were] then made widely known, and an enthusiastic appreciation of Greek art and architecture was also sparked...Because of Paestum, the Classic Revival was born with Greece, not Rome, ascendant."

— Deborah Fritz from G. E. Kidder Smith. Looking at Architecture. p16.

The three Paestum temples are all in the Archaic Doric style of heavy columns with capitals that are squat, or as Goethe termed them, 'oppressive.' By the time the Parthenon was finished (438 B.C.), columns were elegantly slender, capitals had an alert, load-bearing profile, and refinement attended every detail. Moreover, they were carved from Parian marble; Paestum's now crudely exposed shellstone shafts, it is only fair to say, were originally covered with lime stucco. As in Greece proper, the temples at Paestum face easterly so that the rising sun will awaken the statue within."

— G. E. Kidder Smith. Looking at Architecture. p16.


"The southernmost of the temples, the Basilica, was built about 530 B.C., with the Temple of Poseidon dating from about 460 B.C. The third, farther north...is the Temple of Ceres, from about 510 B.C. The Basilica is unusual in that it has nine columns across the ends and a row of columns down the middle of the interior."

— G. E. Kidder Smith. Looking at Architecture. p16.

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