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Architect Polykleitos the Younger
Location Epidarus, Greece
Date -365 to -320   timeline
 Construction System bearing masonry, rough stone
Climate mediterranean
Style Ancient Greek, Classical, Doric and Corinthian interior




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Discussion Tholos Commentary

“This tholos tomb with stone dome, the largest known, was plundered in antiquity. An access passage (dromos), bordered by a peudo-isodome wall, leads to a façade 10.5 metres (34 feet) high. The door opens on to a rotunda, 14.6 metres (48 feet) in diameter and 13.5 metres (44 feet) high, with a masonry domed vault of 33 regular courses; some blocks bore a metal decoration, probably of ‘patera’ form. This door has a pyramidal shape which is also found in Egypt, and which reappears in classical architecture. The lintel is made up of two enormous blocks; the inner one weighs about 120 tons. The void triangle above it is characteristic of Mycenaean architecture: it serves to deflect the thrusts of the upper part of the building on to the supports of the door...No other Mycenaean building can boast such exact stone cutting, nor such refined proportions; not for another 1,000 years in Greece was such technical perfection put at the service of such a grandiose architectural design.”

— John Julius Norwich. The World Atlas of Architecture. p135.

Sources on Tholos

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