Tombs at Tarquinia
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Architect unknown
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Location Tarquinia, now Corneto, Italy   map
Date -600   timeline
Building Type tomb
 Construction System Rock-cut
Climate mediterranean
Context underground
Style Etruscan
Notes vivid wall paintings.





Plan Drawing

Section Drawing

Section Drawing

Section Drawing

Discussion Tombs at Tarquinia Commentary

"The extensive necropolis at Tarquinia is chiefly notable for the large number of rock-cut tombs which retain on their walls paintings of daily life and of funeral rites and banquets. These tombs are mostly simple rectangular chambers ... One later tomb, the Mercareccia Tomb (possibly third century BC), has an outer chamber with a timber roof sloping to a central opening which reproduces the atrium of a house of the time as described by Vitruvius. Around the walls are friezes of carved reliefs, now in a relatively poor state of preservation."

— Sir Banister Fletcher. A History of Architecture. p217.

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