Tugendhat House
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Architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe
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Location Brno, Czech Republic   map
Date 1930   timeline
Building Type house
 Construction System steel frame
Climate temperate
Context urban
Style Modern
Notes thin + shape columns held in from exterior walls. glazed wall toward views. entry from 'back'. interior recalls Barcelona Pavilion.


Photo, exterior, side elevation overview

Photo, interior, onyx wall

Photo, interior, living room


Detail Drawing


Elevation Drawing

Elevation Drawing


Plan Drawing

Plan Drawing

3D Model
3D Massing Model (DesignWorkshop 3dmf)

Model Viewing Instructions
 Free 3D for the GBC
Discussion Tugendhat House Commentary

"The plan repeats that of the Barcelona Pavilion, the onyx wall and the curved one of Macassar ebony being independent of the cruciform- shaped columns. The floor is of white linoleum, the rug white wool. The curtains are of black and natural raw silk and white velvet. Behind the dining room a double glass partition serves as a light source for the interior space, as in the Barcelona design.

The hillside site suggested a two-story scheme with the entry and bedrooms above with the main floor below. Across the living and dining areas the entire wall is of glass. Two of these large panes slide down into pockets as in an automobile window. A terrace and flight of steps connect the house to the garden below. At one end the glass is doubled to provide a narrow conservatory running the depth of the plan. The juxtaposition of geometry with nature is most effective, the simplicity of forms enhancing the natural setting."

— A. James Speyer. Mies van der Rohe. p42.

The Creator's Words

"Of my European work, the Tugendhat House is considered outstanding, but I think only because it was the first house to use rich materials, to have great elegance. At that time modern buildings were still austerely functional. I personally don't consider the Tugendhat House more important than other works I designed considerably earlier."

— Mies van der Rohe. from Frank Russell, ed. Mies van der Rohe: European Works. p20.

"Architecture is the will of the epoch translated into space. Until this simple truth is clearly recognized, the new architecture will be uncertain and tentative. Until then it must remain a chaos of undirected forces. The question as to the nature of architecture is of decisive importance. It must be understood that all architecture is bound up with its own time, that it can only be manifested in living tasks and in the medium of its epoch. In no age has it been otherwise."

— Mies van der Rohe. from John Zukowsky, organizer. Mies Reconsidered: His Career, Legacy, and Disciples. p17.

Sources on Tugendhat House

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