Weissenhof Row Houses
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Architect J. J. P. Oud
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Location Stuttgart, Germany   map
Date 1927   timeline
Building Type row houses
 Construction System stucco exterior
Climate temperate
Context suburban
Style Modern
Notes simple Modern style two-story units with gardens behind


Photo, exterior, front side

Photo, exterior back side


Plan Drawing

Plan Drawing

Section Drawing

Site Plan Drawing

Site Plan Drawing


3D Model
3D Massing Model (DesignWorkshop 3dmf)

Model Viewing Instructions
 Free 3D for the GBC
Discussion Weissenhof Row Houses Commentary

"...Weissenhof consists of two-story, repetitive rowhouses with entrance gateways on the street and small gardens behind. Although the Stuttgart apartments have entrance courtyards with a utility wing on the front and a full bath upstairs and feature larger kitchens, they are still basically like the typical Kiefhoek unit, with its living room and kitchen below and three small bedrooms above. The continuous surface of the street side at Kiefhoek has given way to the highly concatenated elevation of Wissenhof, with its utility blocks and entrance gates projecting out from the main volume of the building and a more distinct definition of each house."

— Roger Sherwood. Modern Housing Prototypes. p54.

The Creator's Words

"For the modern artist the future line of development must lead inevitably to the machine, although at first the tendency will be to regard this as heresy. Not only because the machine can give more determinate plastic expression than the hand, but also from the social point of view, from the economic standpoint, the machine is the best means of manufacturing products which will be of more benefit to the community than the art products of the present time, which reach only the wealthy individual."

— J.J.P. Oud. from Gunther Stamm. The Architecture of J.J.P. Oud 1906-1963.

Sources on Weissenhof Row Houses

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