National Assembly in Dacca
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Architect Louis I. Kahn
Location Dacca, Bangladesh   map
Date 1962 to 1974   timeline
Building Type government center
 Construction System concrete, marble
Climate desert
Style Modern






Plan Drawing

Plan Drawing

Section Drawing

Elevation Drawing

Elevation Drawing

Lower Plan Drawing

Section Drawing

Section Drawing

Site Plan Drawing

Upper Plan Drawing

Discussion National Assembly in Dacca Commentary

"The interior of the Assembly Building is divided into three zones. The Central zone is the area of the Assembly. The middle zone provides inner circulation, ties together the galleries of the people and the press gives access to Committee rooms and the Library. The outer zone is the area of the offices, Party Rooms, Lounges, Tea Rooms and Restaurant, the Garden Entrance, and the Entrance of the Mosque...."

— Alessandra Latour, ed. Louis I. Kahn: Writings, Lectures, Interviews. p201.

"The architectural image of the assembly building grows out of the conception to hold a strong essential form to give particular shape to the varying interior needs, expressing them on the exterior. The image is that of a many-faceted precious stone, constructed in concrete and marble."

— Louis I. Kahn. from Heinz Ronner, with Sharad Jhaveri and Alessandro Vasella Louis I. Kahn: Complete Works 1935-74. p247.

The Creator's Words

"In the assembly I have introduced a light-giving element to the interior of the plan. If you see a series of columns you can say that the choice of columns is a choice in light. The columns as solids frame the spaces of light. Now think of it just in reverse and think that the columns are hollow and much bigger and that their walls can themselves give light, then the voids are rooms, and the column is the maker of light and can take on complex shapes and be the supporter of spaces and give light to spaces. I am working to develop the element to such an extent that it becomes a poetic entity which has its own beauty outside of its place in the composition. In this way it becomes analogous to the solid column I mentioned above as a giver of light."

"It was not belief, not design, not pattern, but the essence from which an institution could emerge..."

— Louis I. Kahn. from Heinz Ronner, with Sharad Jhaveri and Alessandro Vasella Louis I. Kahn: Complete Works 1935-74. p236, 238.

Sources on National Assembly in Dacca

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