Tempietto of San Pietro
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Architect Donato Bramante
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Location Montorio, Rome, Italy   map
Date 1502   timeline
Building Type martyrium
 Construction System bearing masonry
Climate mediterranean
Context urban
Style Italian Renaissance
Notes Round, domed, colonnaded.


Photo, Exterior Overview


Photo, Facade of Outer Building (Cloister)



Plan Drawing


Elevation Drawing

Plan Drawing

Section Drawing

Section Drawing

Section Drawing

Plan Drawing

3D Model
3D Massing Model (DesignWorkshop 3dmf)

Model Viewing Instructions
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Discussion Tempietto of San Pietro Commentary

"The Tempietto in the cloister of San Pietro in Montorio was built by Bramanate after 1502, on the commission of the Spanish monarchs, Ferdinand of Aragon and Isabella of Castile. The emphasis here is on the harmony of proportions, the simplicity of volumes (cylinder, hemisphere) and the sobriety of the Doric Order. The circular plan symbolizes divine perfection. Inspired by ancient temples, the Tempietto is both a homage to antiquity and a Christian memorial."

— Mitchell Beazley. The World Atlas of Architecture. p276.

"For Bramante, the planning of the Tempietto must have represented the union of illusionistic painting and architecture he had spent his career perfecting. The building, too small on the inside to accommodate a congregation (only 15 feet in diameter), was conceived as a 'picture' to be looked at from outside, a 'marker', a symbol of Saint Peter's martyrdom."

— Marvin Trachtenberg and Isabelle Hyman. Architecture: from Prehistory to Post-Modernism. p302.

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