Decimus Burton and Richard Turner

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Works Palm House at Kew Gardens, at London, England, 1844 to 1848.

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Decimus Burton and Richard Turner

Decimus Burton (b. 30 September 1800; d. December 1881)

"Decimus Burton was a prolific English architect and garden designer, particularly associated with projects in the classical style in London parks, including buildings at Kew Gardens and London Zoo , and with the layout and architecture of the seaside towns of Fleetwood and St Leonards on Sea and of Tunbridge Wells . (His first name, Latin for 'tenth', denoted his position as the tenth child in his family.)

"Burton initially trained in the architectural and building practice run by his father James Burton (1761-1837), and then with John Nash for whom he elaborated on the designs of Cornwall Terrace, facing London 's Regent's Park. ...

"He had a 30-year association with Kew Gardens, starting initially with the layout of gardens and paths before moving on to major buildings. With iron founder Richard Turner , he designed the glass and iron Palm House at Kew (1844-1848); at the time, this greenhouse was the largest in the world at 363ft long, 100ft wide and 66ft high. He then designed the even larger Temperate House, but did not live to see the project completed (although a section opened in 1863, lack of funds meant it was not finally completed until 1898). Other projects at Kew included the Victoria Gate (1848) and the Water Lily House (1852)."

Richard Turner (b. 1798, d. 1881)

"Richard Turner was an Irish iron-founder and manufacturer of glasshouses, born in Dublin. His works included the Palm House at Kew Gardens (with Decimus Burton ), the glasshouse in the Winter Gardens at Regent's Park in London, and the Curvilinear Range at the Irish National Botanic Gardens, Glasnevin, Ireland. He was a pioneer in the structural use of wrought iron."

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