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Brooklyn Bridge, by John Augustus Roebling, at Brooklyn, New York, New York, 1869 to 1883.

Cathedral of San Salvador, by unknown, at Avila, Spain, 1091.

Chartres Cathedral, by unknown, at Chartres, France, 1194 to 1260.

Deal Castle, by unknown, at Kent, England, 1540.

Doge's Palace, by unknown, at Venice, Italy, 1309 to 1424.

First Church of Christ Scientist, by Bernard Maybeck, at Berkeley, California, 1910.

Keble College, by William Butterfield, at Oxford, England, UK, 1867 to 1883.

King's College Chapel, by unknown, at Cambridge, England, 1446 to 1515.

la Sainte-Chapelle, by unknown, at Paris, France, 1238 to 1244.

Lavenham Houses, by unknown, at Lavenham, Suffolk, England, 1400 's.

Mont S. Michel, by unknown, at Mont S. Michel, France, 1203 and later.

Notre Dame Cathedral, by Maurice de Sully, at Paris, France, 1163 to 1250.

Orvieto Cathedral, by Arnolfo di Cambio, at Orvieto, Italy, 1290 to 1500.

Palais de Justice, by unknown, at Rouen, France, circa 1470.

Plum Street Temple, by James K. Wilson, at Cincinnati, Ohio, 1866.

S. Maria Novella, by Leon Battista Alberti, at Florence, Italy, 1456 to 1470.

Salisbury Cathedral, by unknown, at Salisbury, England, 1220 to 1258.

San Frutuoso de Montelios, by unknown, at Braga, Portugal, 665.

Segovia Cathedral, by Juan Gil de Hontanon, at Segovia, Spain, 1522 to 1577.

Seville Cathedral, by unknown, at Seville, Spain, 1402 to 1520.

Seville Cathedral, by unknown, at Seville, Spain, 1402 to 1520.

St. John Nepomuk Church, by Jan Blazej Santini-Aichel, at Zelena Hora, Czech Republic, 1719 to 1720.

Student Center, Wellesley, by Donald Gellespie, at Wellesley, Massachusetts, 1969.

The Red House, by Philip Webb, at Bexleyheath, in Kent, England, 1859.

Wells Cathedral, by unknown, at Wells, England, United Kingdom, 1180 to 1425.

Westminster Abbey, by unknown, at London, England, UK, 1045 to circa 1400.

Westminster Palace, or Houses of Parliament, by Sir Charles Barry, at London, England, United Kingdom, 1836 to 1868.

Woolworth Building, by Cass Gilbert, at New York, New York, 1910 to 1913.

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