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Special thanks to these web sites which include the Great Buildings Online Search Engine:

www.BAULINKS.deGerman language
Glass Steel and StoneEnglish
PINAR ERTEKIN's HOME PAGETurkish and English
If you'd like your web site added here, please email your request, including the URL of
your page with the Great Buildings Search engine, to "link@greatbuildings.com".

Particular Contributors to the Great Buildings Online

Contributing Photographers

Don Barker (London), Donald Corner (University of Oregon), Howard Davis, Yetsuh Frank (New York, New York), Don Johnson (Johnson Architectural Images), Lawrence A. Martin (Denver, Colorado), Donna Matthews (Eugene, Oregon), Kevin Matthews (ArchitectureWeek), Ernest and Kathleen Meredith, Jacques Pochoy (Paris, France), Jenny Young, University of Oregon

Technical, Production, and Design Contributors

Michael Wheeler, CJ Shumate, Michiyo Yonezawa (3D Innovations, Tokyo, Japan)


Kevin Matthews, BJ Novitski (ArchitectureWeek)

Please share us in thanking the many special people who have helped to reate the Great Buildings Collection. The Collection is constantly being updated, and new contributions are welcome.

Credits for the Great Buildings Online and on CD-ROM


Jenny Young, Alene Stickles, Janine King, Darlene Levy, Larry Martin, Ewan Croft, Richard Gee, Michael Wheeler, Deborah Fritz, Jason McClennan, Misako Yamaguchi, Peter Horne, Damon Johnstun, and others

Image Processing

Alene Stickles, Janine King, Darlene Levy, Larry Martin, Richard Gee, Michael Wheeler, Misako Yamaguchi, Jason McClennan, Peter Horne, Jason McClennan, and others


Larry Martin

Citation Checking

Janice Catlin, Jesse Emory, Lynn Josse, and others

Content Advising

Howard Davis, Charles Rusch, and others

Primary Still Photographers

Howard Davis, Donald Corner, Jenny Young, William A. Storrer, Ezra Stoller (Esto Photographics, Inc.), G.E. Kidder Smith

Additional Still Photographers

Larry Martin, Yetsuh Frank, Alene Stickles, Noel Rollins, John Weil, Earl Moursund, Kevin Matthews, and others

Motion Photography

Earl Moursund, Kevin Matthews, and Glenda Utsey

Modeling Foreman

Damon Johnstun

Computer Model Makers

Eric Buschert, Justin Chester, Jaegap Chung, Ewan Croft, Peter Horne, Richard Gee, Damon Johnstun, Todd Junker, Michael Wheeler, Misako Yamaguchi, and others

Additional Model Makers

Many students in the Department of Architecture at the University of Oregon, who gave permission for their excellent computer modeling projects to be edited for use in the collection. Special thanks for your fine work!


Kathy Smith


Jenny Young, Darlene Levy, Deborah Fritz

DesignWorkshop viewer Interface

Kevin Matthews

DesignWorkshop viewer software engineering

Thomas Birkett, Patrick Hoonhout, Kevin Matthews, John Selhorst, Robert Zako

Multimedia Design & Programming

Kevin Matthews, Michael Wheeler

User Guide

Donna Matthews, and others

Permissions Assistants

Lynn Josse, and others

Database Consulting

Donna Matthews

Architecture Editor, Van Nostrand Reinhold

Wendy Lochner

Architecture Marketing Manager, VNR

Veronica Welsh

Beta Testers

You know who you are. Special thanks to all of you!

Other Contributors

Oanh Tran, Architecture students of the University of Oregon ...

And others unnamed -- thanks to you all!

Author and Producer

Kevin Matthews

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