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This “Images Wanted” page lists many of the great buildings for which we are seeking photographic contributions, region by region.
Images contributed at GreatBuildings.com get a world-wide audience of dedicated architecture-lovers and can earn third-party royalities.   Contributions of images for buildings not in GreatBuildings are always welcome at Archiplanet.org, the all-buildings community-created collection.

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In addition to these buildings, for which we are particularly seeking any and all good photos, there are many other listed buildings in the Great Buildings Online for which we are still actively seeking interior photos. For late-breaking and urgent photo requests, please also see our Architectural Photography Forum, or drop us an email anytime at "coop@greatbuildings.com".

  • Africa
    Ibibio Village, by traditional, at Cameroon, Africa, 0 to 1990.
    Dogon Village, by traditional, at Mali, Africa, 0 to 1990.
    Hunting Baths, at Leptis Magna, Libya, Africa, circa 200.
    Mosque at Djerba, at Djerba, Tunisia, Africa, temple.
    Ouarzazate, by traditional, at Morocco, Africa, town.
    Yaama Mosque, by Falke Barmou, at Tahoua, Niger, Africa, 1962 to 1982.
    Zulu Kraal, by traditional, at South Africa, 0 to 1990.

  • Australia
    Ball-Eastaway House - Artists' House in N. Sydney, by Glen Murcutt, at North Sydney, Australia, 1982 to 1983.

  • Austria
    Khuner Villa, by Adolf Loos, at on the Kreuzberg, Payerback, Austria, 1930.

  • Belgium
    Medical Faculty Housing, by Lucien Kroll, at Louvain, or Leuven, Belgium, 1970 to 1976. (PCD)
    Philips Pavilion, by Le Corbusier, at Brussels, Belgium, 1958.
    Stoclet Palace, by Josef Hoffmann, at Brussels, or Bruxelles, Belgium, 1905 to 1911.

  • Brazil
    Church of St Francis, by Oscar Niemeyer, at Pampulha, Brazil, 1943.

  • Canada
    German Pavilion, Expo '67, by Frei Otto, at Montreal, Canada, 1967.
    Graham House, by Arthur C. Erickson, at West Vancouver, BC, Canada, 1963.

  • China
    Chinese Courtyard House, vernacular, at China, house.
    Chinese Junk, by Traditional, at China, houseboat.
    Underground Court House, vernacular, at China, underground house.

  • Denmark
    Kingo Houses, by Jorn Utzon, at Elsinore, Denmark, 1956.
    Munkegaards School, by Arne Jacobsen, at Copenhagen, Denmark, 1952 to 1956.
    Osterlars Church, at Bornholm Island, Denmark, circa 1100.
    Police Headquarters, by Hack Kampmann, at Copenhagen, Denmark, 1918 to 1924.
    Soholm Housing Estate, by Arne Jacobsen, at Klampenborg, Gentofte, Denmark, 1946 to 1950.
    Church at Bagsvaerd, by Jorn Utzon, at near Copenhagen, Denmark, 1974 to 1976.
    Viking Fortress, at Sjaelland, Denmark, 1000.

  • Egypt
    New Gourna, by Hassan Fathy, at Near Luxor, Egypt, 1948.
    Temple of Horus, at Edfu, Egypt, -237 to -57.
    Temple of Kom Ombo, at Egypt, -181 to 30. (PCD)

  • England and United Kingdom
    Easton Neston, by Nicholas Hawksmoor, at Northamptonshire, England, 1695 to 1710.
    Glyndebourne Opera House, by Michael Hopkins and Partners, at England, 1994.
    Heathcote, by Edwin Lutyens, at Ilkley, Yorkshire, England, 1906.
    Hertfordshire Schools, by Hertfordshire County, at Hertfordshire, England, 1945 to 1960.
    Homewood, by Edwin Lutyens, at Knebworth, Hertfordshire, England, 1901.
    Keble College, by William Butterfield, at Oxford, England, UK, 1867 to 1883.
    Nashdom, by Edwin Lutyens, at Taplow, Buckinghamshire, England, 1905 to 1909.
    PA Technology Center UK, by Richard Rogers, at Hertfordshire, England, 1975 to 1983.
    Schlumberger Centre, by Michael Hopkins, at Madingly Road, Cambridge, England, 1979 to 1981.
    Tendering Hall, by Sir John Soane, at near Suffolk, England, 1784 to 1790.
    The Orchard, by Charles F. A. Voysey, at Chorley Wood in Hertfordshire, England, 1899.
    The Red House, by Philip Webb, at Bexleyheath, in Kent, England, 1859.
    The Salutation, by Edwin Lutyens, at Sandwich, Kent, England, 1911.
    Chermayeff House, by Serge Chermayeff, at near Halland, Sussex, England, 1935 to 1938..
    PA Technology Center UK, by Richard Rogers, at Melbourn, Hertfordshire, England, 1975 to 1983.
    INMOS Factory, by Richard Rogers, at Newport, South Wales, 1980 to 1982.

  • Finland
    Hvittrask, by Eliel Saarinen, at outside Helsinki, Finland, 1902.
    Orivesi Church, by Hekki Siren, at Orivesi, Finland, 1961. (interior)
    Turku Cemetery Chapel, by Erik Bryggman, at Turku, Finland, 1939 to 1941.
    Turun Sanomat Building, by Alvar Aalto, at Turku, Finland, 1927 to 1929.
    Paimio Sanatorium, by Alvar Aalto, at Paimio, Finland, 1929 to 1933.

  • France
    Fontevrault Abbey, at Anjou, France, 1115.
    Hotel Guimard, by Hector Guimard, at Paris, France, 1912.
    House near Besancon, by Claude Nicholas Ledoux, at Besancon, France, 1775 to 1779.
    Le Parisien Offices, by G. P. Chedanne, at Paris, France, 1903.
    Maisons Jaoul, by Le Corbusier, at Neuilly-sur-Seine, Paris, France, 1954 to 1956.
    St. Front at Perigueux, at Perigueux, France, circa 1100.
    Theater at Besancon, by Claude Nicholas Ledoux, at Besancon, France, 1775.
    USSR Pavilion at Paris, by Konstantin Melnikov, at Paris, France, 1925.
    Villa Stein, by Le Corbusier, at Garches, France, 1927.
    Weekend house by Corbu, by Le Corbusier, at suburb of Paris, France, 1935.
    Bibliotheque Nationale, by Henri Labrouste, at Paris, France, 1862 to 1868.
    Finnish Pavilion, 1937, by Alvar Aalto, at Paris, France, 1935 to 1937.
    Maison Carree, at Nimes, Provence, France, -16.
    Villa Carre, by Alvar Aalto, at Bazoches-sur-Guyonne, France, 1956 to 1959.

  • Germany
    Breslau Office Building, by Hans Poelzig, at Breslau, Germany, 1911 to 1912.
    Flats at Bremen, by Alvar Aalto, at Neue Vahr district, Bremen, Germany, 1958 to 1962.
    Freising Library, at Freising, Oberbayern, Germany, 1732 to 1738.
    H. Lange House, by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, at Krefeld, Germany, 1928.
    Pilgrimage Church, by Gottfried Bohm, at Neviges, Germany, 1962.
    Reuchlinhaus Library, by Manfred Lehmbruck, at Reuchlinhaus, Pforzheim, Germany, 1961.
    St. John Nepomuk Church, by Jan Blazej Santini-Aichel, at Munich, Germany, 1719 to 1720.
    Werkbund Theater, by Henry van de Velde, at Cologne, Germany, 1914.
    Wies Pilgrimage Church, by Johan and Dominikus Zimmerman, at Wies, near Munich, Germany, 1754.
    Hunting Lodge, by Karl Friedrich Schinkel, at Antonin, Germany, 1822.
    Museum of Decorative Arts, by Richard Meier, at Frankfurt, Germany, 1981 to 1984.
    The Palatine Chapel, at Aachen, Germany, 796 to 814.

  • Greece
    Fourth Temple of Hera, by Rhoikos of Samos, at Samos, Greece, -575 to -550.
    Temple of Apollo, by Ictinus, at Bassae, Greece, -420 to -410.

  • Ireland
    Annaglee, by Richard Castle, at Cootehill, County Cavan, Ireland, 1740 to 1770.
    Fort Shannon, at Glin, County Limerick, Ireland, 1800 to 1835.

  • India
    Chaitya-Hall at Karli, at Karli, India, -150.
    Gandhi Labor Institute, by Balkrishna Doshi, at Ahmedabad, Gujarat State, India, 1980 to 1984.
    Kandariya Temple, at Khajuraho, India, 1030.
    Lingaraj Temple, at Bhubaneswar, India, 1000.
    Palace of Assembly, by Le Corbusier, at Chandigarh, India, 1953 to 1963.
    Shore Temple, at India, 750.
    Kanchanjunga Apts, by Charles Correa, at Bombay, India, 1970 to 1983.

  • Italy
    Abbey of Pomposa, at near Ferrara, Italy, 800 to 1100.
    American Academy in Rome, by McKim, Mead, and White, at Rome, Italy, 1913.
    Chancellery Palace, at Rome, Italy, 1483 to 1517.
    Ducal Palace, by Luciano Laurana, at Urbino, Italy, 1468.
    Free University, by Giancarlo de Carlo, at Urbino, Italy, 1980 (circa).
    House of Menander, at Pompeii, Italy, -300.
    Il Teatro del Mondo, by Aldo Rossi, at Venice, Italy, 1979.
    Palazzo del Te, by Giulio Romano, at Mantua, Italy, 1526 to 1534.
    Palazzo Massimo, by Baldassare Peruzzi, at Rome, Italy, 1527 to 1536.
    Palazzo Thiene, by Andrea Palladio, at Vicenza, Italy, 1545.
    Paper Mill at Mantua, by Pier Luigi Nervi, at Mantua, Italy, 1961 to 1962.
    Redentore Church, by Andrea Palladio, at Venice, Italy, 1576 to 1591.
    S. Maria degli Angeli, by Filippo Brunelleschi, at Florence, Italy, 1434 to 1437.
    S. Maria Della Pace, by Donato Bramante, at Rome, Italy, 1478 to 1483.
    San Lorenzo, Turin, by Guarino Guarini, at Turin, Italy, 1666 to 1679.
    San Sebastiano, by Leon Battista Alberti, at Mantua, Italy, 1459.
    San Zeno Maggiore, at Verona, Italy, 1120 to 1138.
    Sant'Andrea al Quirinale, by Bernini, at Rome, Italy, 1658 to 1665.
    Santa Costanza, at Rome, Italy, 350.
    School in Morbio Inferiore, by Mario Botta, at Italy, 1972 to 1977.
    Sforza Chapel, by Michelangelo, at Rome, Italy, 1558.
    Sindone Chapel, by Guarino Guarini, at Turin, Italy, 1667 to 1690.
    St. Maria di Carignano, by Galeazzo Alessi, at Genoa, Italy, 1552 to 1603.
    Stadium of Domitian, by Domitian, at Rome, Italy, 92.
    Tomb of Caecilia Metella, at Rome, Italy, -25.
    Tombs at Tarquinia, at Tarquinia, now Corneto, Italy, -600.
    Tuscan Farmhouse, vernacular, at Tuscany, Italy, house.
    Villa Aldobrandini, by Giacomo Della Porta, at Frascati, Italy, 1598 to 1603.
    Villa Trissino, by Andrea Palladio, at Vicenza, Italy, 1576.

  • Japan
    Azuma House, by Tadao Ando, at Osaka, Japan, 1976.
    Festival, by Tadao Ando, at Naha Okinawa, Japan, 1984.
    Gunma Museum of Fine Arts, by Arata Isozaki, at Takasaki, Japan, 1971 to 1974.
    Hajima City Hall, by Junzo Sakakura, at Hajima, Japan, 1959.
    Hotel Il Palazzo, by Aldo Rossi, at Fukuoka, Japan, 1987.
    Ichinomiya Rowhouses, by Kenzo Tange, at Ichinomiya, Japan, 1961.
    Imperial Hotel, by Frank Lloyd Wright, at Tokyo, Japan, 1916 to 1922.
    Ise Shrine, by traditional, at Ise, Japan, 690 to current, 1997.
    Kansai Airport Terminal, by Renzo Piano, at Osaka, Japan, 1994.
    Karuizawa House, by Kisho Kurokawa, at Karuizawa, Japan, 1974.
    Kurashiki City Hall, by Kenzo Tange, at Kurashiki, Japan, 1960.
    Miulea House, vernacular, at Japan, house.
    Museum of Fruit, by Itsuko Hasegawa, at Yamanashi, Japan, 1996.
    Nichinan Cultural Center, by Kenzo Tange, at Nichinan, Japan, 1963.
    Rokko Housing One, by Tadao Ando, at Rokko Kobe, Japan, 1983.
    Shukosha Building, by Arata Isozaki, at Fukuoka, Japan, 1974 to 1975.
    Small Olympic Arena, by Kenzo Tange, at Tokyo, Japan, 1961 to 1964.
    Sogestsu Art Center, by Kenzo Tange, at Tokyo, Japan, 1955 to 1957.
    Tateshina Planetarium, by Kisho Kurokawa, at Hiroshima City, Japan, 1976. (PCD)
    The Hoodo, by Fujiwara Yorimichi, at Kyoto Prefecture, Japan, consecrated 1053.
    Yamamoto International Building, by Hiroshi Hara, at Tokyo, Japan, 1987.
    Yano House, by Arata Isozaki, at Kawasaki, Japan, 1975.

  • Mexico
    Casa Antonio Galvez, by Luis Barragan, at San Angel, Mexico, 1954.
    Hotel Camino Real, by Ricardo Legoretta, at Cancun, Mexico, 1973 to 1975.
    Los Manantiales, by Felix Candela, at Xochimilco, Mexico, 1958.

  • Middle East
    House at Ur, at Mesopotamia, -2000.
    Haj Terminal, by Skidmore, Owings, and Merrill, at Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, 1972 (circa).
    National Commercial Bank HQ, by Gordon Bunshaft/ SOM, at Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, 1981 to 1983.
    Ishtar Gate, at Babylon, -604 to -562. (JAI)

  • Netherlands
    Amsterdam Orphanage, by Aldo van Eyck, at Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 1960 to 1961. (JAI)
    Daal en Berg Houses, by Jan Wils, at Den Haag, The Netherlands, 1920.
    Het Scheep, by Michael de Klerk, at Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 1917 to 1921. (JAI)
    Library of St. Walburga, at Zutphen, The Netherlands, 1561 to 1564.
    Netherlands Dance Theatre, by Rem Koolhaas, at The Hague, Netherlands, 1988.
    Rotterdam Central Library, by Bakema and Weeber, at Rotterdam, The Netherlands. (interior)
    Spangen Quarter Housing, by Michiel Brinkman, at Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 1919 to 1921.
    Wheels of Heaven Church, by Aldo van Eyck, at 1966.
    Aalsmeer House, by Bijvoet and Duiker, at Aalsmeer, The Netherlands, 1924.

  • Russia
    Rusakov Club, by Konstantin Melnikov, at Moscow, Russia, 1927 to 1929.
    Zuyev Club, by I. P. Golosov, at Moscow, Russia, 1928.
    Viipuri Library, by Alvar Aalto, at Vyborg, USSR, 1927 to 1935.

  • Scotland
    Rait Castle, at near Nairn, Scotland, UK, 1300.
    Elphinstone Tower, at near Edinburgh, Scotland, UK, 1440.

  • Spain
    San Miguel, at Escalada, near Leon, Spain, 913.
    The Library, Escorial, at near Madrid, Spain, 1567.
    San Miguel, at Escalada, near Leon, Spain, 913.

  • Sweden
    Helsingborg Library, by Arton, at Helsingborg, Sweden, 1965.
    Stockholm Exhibition, 1930, by Erik Gunnar Asplund, at Stockholm, Sweden, 1930.
    Lister County Courthouse, by Erik Gunnar Asplund, at Solvesborg, Sweden, 1917 to 1921.
    Villa in Djursholm, by Erik Gunnar Asplund, at Djursholm, near Stockholm, Sweden, 1917 to 1918.

  • Switzerland
    Appenzell Farm, by traditional, at Canton Appenzell, Switzerland, farm, farmhouse.
    Residence in Cadenazzo, by Mario Botta, at Cadenazzo, Switzerland, 1970 to 1971.
    Ski Town Flaine, by Marcel Breuer, at Flaine, Switzerland, 1960 to 1980.
    Urner Boden, by traditional, at Urner Boden, Switzerland, town.
    Flats at Lucerne, by Alvar Aalto, at Lucerne, or Luzern, Switzerland, 1965 to 1968.
    Residence in Riva San Vitale, by Mario Botta, at Riva san Vitale, Ticino, Switzerland, 1972 to 1973.
    Residence in Cadenazzo, by Mario Botta, at Cadenazzo, Switzerland, 1970 to 1971.
    St. Antonius Church, by Justus Dahinden, at Wildegg, Switzerland, 1966 to 1969.

  • Turkey
    Coffee House on the Bosporus, by Sedad Eldem, at Istanbul, Turkey, 1948.
    Social Security Offices, by Sedad Eldem, at Istanbul, Turkey, 1962 to 1964.
    Temple of Apollo (2nd), by Paeonis and Daphnis, at Didyma, near Miletus, Turkey, -310.
    Temple of Artemis, by Paeonius and Demetrios, at Ephesus, Turkey, -340 to -250.
    The Selimiye, by Sinan, at Edirne, Turkey, begun 1569. (PCD)

  • U.S.A.
    Academy of Arts & Sciences, by Kallman McKinnell & Wood, at Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1977 to 1981.
    Alexander House, by Michael Graves, at Princeton, New Jersey, 1971 to 1973.
    Annenberg Library, by Shepley and Bulfinch, at Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts, 1980 's.
    Art & Arch. Building, by Paul Rudolph, at New Haven, Connecticut, 1959 to 1963.
    Beinecke Rare Book Library, by Gordon Bunshaft/ SOM, at New Haven, Connecticut, 1963.
    Boomer Residence, by Frank Lloyd Wright, at Phoenix, Arizona, 1953.
    Brant House, by Robert Venturi, at Greenwich, Connecticut, 1973.
    Brooklyn Children's Museum, by Hardy-Holzman-Pfeiffer, at Brooklyn, New York, 1977.
    Burns House, by Charles Moore, at Santa Monica Canyon, California, 1974.
    Burroughs Company, by Albert Kahn, at Plymouth, Michigan, 1904.
    Capitol at Williamsburg, at Williamsburg, Virginia, 1701 to 1715.
    Cary House, by Joseph Esherick, at Mill Valley, California, 1960.
    Chandler House, by Bruce Price, at Tuxedo Park, New York, 1885 to 1886.
    Charleston Single House, by Vernacular, at Charleston, South Carolina, 1800 to 1900.
    College Life Insurance Co., by Roche-Dinkeloo, at Indianapolis, Indiana, 1967 to 1971.
    Colmorgan House, by Bruce Goff, at Glenview, Illinois, 1937.
    Cooper Residence, by Gwathmey-Siegel, at Orleans, Massachusetts, 1968 to 1969.
    Cowles House, by Edward Larabee Barnes, at Wayzata, Minnesota, 1960 (circa).
    Crooks House, by Michael Graves, at Fort Wayne, Indiana, 1976.
    Deere West Office Building, by Roche-Dinkeloo, at Moline, Illinois, 1975 to 1976. (PCD)
    Douglas House, by Richard Meier, at Harbor Springs, Michigan, 1973.
    Dunleith, at Natchez, Mississippi, 1856.
    East Harlem Pre-School, by Hammel, Grenn & Abrahamson, at New York, New York, 1970.
    Enerplex, North Building, by Skidmore, Owings, and Merrill, at Princeton, New Jersey, 1982.
    Fairbanks House, vernacular, at Dedham, Massachusetts, 1750 (circa).
    Fallingwater, by Frank Lloyd Wright, at Ohiopyle, (Bear Run), Pennsylvania, 1934 , 1938, 1948. (interiors)
    Fire Island House, by Arthur C. Erickson, at Fire Island, New York, 1977.
    First Unitarian Church, by Louis I. Kahn, at Rochester, New York, 1959 to 1967.
    First Wisconsin Plaza, by Bruce Graham/ SOM, at Madison, Wisconsin, 1974.
    Frank House, Eisenman, by Peter Eisenman, at Washington, Connecticut, 1975.
    Geller House, by Marcel Breuer, at Lawrence, Long Island, New York, 1945.
    Gorman Residence, by Julian and Barbara Neski, at Amagansett, New York, 1968.
    Hale House, by Craig Ellwood, at Beverly Hills, California, 1949.
    Hanna Residence, by Frank Lloyd Wright, at Palo Alto, California, 1936.
    Hanselmann House, by Michael Graves, at Fort Wayne, Indiana, 1967.
    High Museum of Art, by Richard Meier, at Atlanta, Georgia, 1983.
    Horatio West Court, by Irving Gill, at Santa Monica, California, 1919.
    House at Kentwoodlands, by Joseph Esherick, at Kentwoodlands, California, 1957.
    Jacobs House, Madison, by Frank Lloyd Wright, at Madison, Wisconsin, 1936.
    Jacobs House, Middleton, by Frank Lloyd Wright, at Middleton, Wisconsin, 1944.
    Johnson House, "The Glass House", by Philip Johnson, at New Caanan, Connecticut, 1949.
    Kemper Arena, by Helmut Jahn, at Kansas City, Missouri, 1974.
    Knights of Columbus Building, by Roche-Dinkeloo, at New Haven, Connecticut, 1965 to 1969.
    Larkin Building, by Frank Lloyd Wright, at Buffalo, New York, 1904 , demolished 1950.
    Livermore House, by Julia Morgan, at San Francisco, California, 1917.
    Lovell House, by Richard Neutra, at Los Angeles, California, 1928.
    M F Stoughton House, by Henry Hobson Richardson, at Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1882 to 1883.
    Mercer Museum, by Henry Mercer, at Doylestown, Pennsylvania, 1914. (PCD)
    Moore House, by Charles Moore, at Orinda, California, 1962.
    Morgan Library, by McKim, Mead, and White, at New York, New York, 1906.
    Mrs. G. M. Millard House, by Frank Lloyd Wright, at Pasadena, California, 1923.
    Mug House, by Vernacular, at Mesa Verde, Colorado, --.
    Nathaniel Russell House, at Charleston, South Carolina, 1809.
    Nebraska State Capitol, by Bertram Goodhue, at Lincoln, Nebraska, 1924.
    New York Herald Building, by McKim, Mead, and White, at New York, New York, 1894.
    Norman Fisher House, by Louis I. Kahn, at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1960.
    Oklahoma Theater Center, by John M. Johansen, at Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, 1965 to 1970. (PCD)
    Pennsylvania Station, by McKim, Mead, and White, at New York, New York, 1910.
    Pennzoil Place, by Johnson/Burgee, at Houston, Texas, 1976.
    Peter Kerr House, by Pietro Belluschi, at Gearhart, Oregon, 1941.
    Pinecote Pavilion, by Fay Jones, at Picayune, Mississippi, 1985. Portland Museum of Art, by Henry N. Cobb, at Portland, Maine, 1978 to 1982.
    Price Residence, by Frank Lloyd Wright, at Paradise Valley, Arizona, 1954.
    Putterman House, by Hugh Newell Jacobsen, at Central Pennsylvania, 1980.
    R. T. Paine House, by Henry Hobson Richardson, at Waltham, Massachusetts, 1884 to 1886.
    Rosenbaum House, by Frank Lloyd Wright, at Florence, Alabama, 1939.
    Salisbury School, by Hardy-Holzman-Pfeiffer, at Salisbury, Maryland, 1972 to 1977.
    Shamberg Residence, by Richard Meier, at Chappaqua, New York, 1972 to 1974.
    Silver Lake Lodge, by Joseph Esherick, at Deer Valley, Utah, 1982.
    Smith House, by Richard Meier, at Darien, Connecticut, 1965 to 1967.
    Solar Telescope, by Myron Goldsmith/ SOM, at Kitt Peak, Arizona, 1962.
    St. Mary's Cathedral, by Benjamin Henry Latrobe, at Baltimore, Maryland, 1814 to 1818.
    St. Paul's Church, by Louis H. Sullivan, at Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 1910 to 1914.
    Starkey House, by Marcel Breuer, at Duluth, Minnesota, 1955.
    Stratford Hall, at Westmoreland County, Virginia, 1725 to 1730.
    The Atheneum, by Richard Meier, at New Harmony, Indiana, 1975 to 1979.
    Thorncrown Chapel, by Fay Jones, at Eureka Springs, Arkansas, 1980.
    Travis Van Buren House, by Bruce Price, at Tuxedo Park, New York, 1885.
    Tredyffrin Public Library, by Romaldo Giurgola, at Strafford, Pennsylvania, 1976.
    Trenton Bath House, by Louis I. Kahn, at Trenton, New Jersey, 1954 to 1959.
    Trubek House, by Robert Venturi, at Nantucket Island, Massachusetts, 1972.
    Tucker House, by Robert Venturi, at Mount Kisco, New York, 1975.
    University Art Center, by Louis I. Kahn, at New Haven, Connecticut, 1951 to 1954.
    W. E. Martin House, by Frank Lloyd Wright, at Oak Park, Illinois, 1903.
    W. E. Oliver House, by Rudolf N. Schindler, at Los Angeles, California, 1934.
    W. G. Low House, by McKim, Mead, and White, at Bristol, Rhode Island, 1887.
    Wells College Library, by Walter Netsch/ SOM, at Aurora, New York, 1968.
    Winn Memorial Library, by Henry Hobson Richardson, at Woburn, Massachusetts, 1876 to 1879.
    Wyntoon, by Julia Morgan, near Mount Shasta, California, 1924 to 1943.
    Yale Center for British Art, by Louis I. Kahn, at New Haven, Connecticut, 1969 to 1974.
    Zamioski House, by Hugh Newell Jacobsen, at Eastern Shore, Maryland, 1983. (PCD)

    Tak Sang Monastery, vernacular, at Bhutan, collective housing, monastery.
    Bawa House, by Geoffrey Bawa, at Sri Lanka, 1958 to 1968.
    City of Timgad, at Algeria, 100.
    Temple at Tarxien, Malta, at Tarxien, Malta, -2100 to -1900.
    Potala Palace, at Lhasa, Tibet, 1642 to 1650.
    Mosque of Al Mutawakkil, at Samarra, 847.
    National Assembly in Dacca, by Louis I. Kahn, at Dacca, Bangladesh, 1962 to 1974.
    House in Tuckers Town, by Robert Venturi, at Tucker Town, Bermuda, 1975.
    Matmeta Houses, vernacular, at Tunisia, house.
    Sri Lanka Parliament, by Geoffrey Bawa, at Colombo, Sri Lanka, 1977 to 1980.
    Temple of Bacchus, at Baalbek, Lebanon, 150.
    Galde House, by Vernacular, at Indonesia.


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