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rights-managed architectural photography — from stock and by assignment


At Artifice Images we collect and license great architectural photography from images created by talented participating photographers and from our own extensive archives. Thousands of building photographs available for viewing at GreatBuildings and Archiplanet are available for commercial and non-commercial licensing on cost-effective rights-managed terms through Artifice Images.

For more information and for prompt licensing quotations, please use our online image licensing inquiry form:

Click Here to start an Image Licensing Inquiry

For rights-managed images from our existing collection of more than 100,000 photographs

After submitting an inquiry form, if you have additional questions, you are also welcome to contact Artifice Images by regular email to rights@artifice.com.

For architectural photography assignment bookings and inquiries worldwide

Please contact Artifice Images directly by email to rights@artifice.com for assignment inquiries for principal photographer Kevin Matthews (MArch, Assoc. ASMP), and other participating professionals. You can also call our west coast office at 541-345-7421.

Extensive Archives

As well as the thousands of images available for immediate viewing on the Web at GreatBuildings, and our photos supplied to ArchitectureWeek, our archives also include more than a hundred thousand additional licensable architectural images. We're ready and willing to help with your special needs for architectural images.

Diverse and Prestigious Clients

Architectural photography and content licensing clients of Artifice Images include Phaidon, Wiley, Time-Life, McGraw-Hill, Taunton Press, the BBC, Die Zeit, the U.S. Postal Service, Hungry Minds Press, the Microsoft Press, Byron-Preiss Multimedia, Architectural Digest, Arts and Antiques Magazine, Afton Press, the National Building Museum, Otis Elevator, Elkay, KitchenAid, the Discovery Channel, and other well-known US and international companies, periodicals, book authors and publishers, web designers, advertising agencies, professional societies, and film and video companies.

Personal Service

An initial response to most licensing inquiries can usually be provided within one regular business day. For reference only, the base permission fee we use for calculating estimates is $90.00, based on publication of an average single image, at quarter page size, with adjacent credit, in an editorial application, in one media. Special images, more commercial projects, multiple media, less credit, and large production runs all indicate higher licensing fees. Actual fees for particular projects may vary widely based on both the image and the application, in accordance with standard practice in professional photography. Please request a quotation rather than make any assumptions about our pricing.

The licensing fee for production use of a typical 3D model usually ranges from $90, adjusted according to usage factors. These fees may vary upward or downward depending on factors such as the publication volume, prominence of intended use, distribution channels, educational presentation, image or model quality and detail, and degree of credit provided.

Convenient Digital Delivery

Once licensing terms are agreed and payment received, Artifice can typically deliver images by e-mail or private ftp by the close of the next regular business day. (Faster service may be available on a rush basis.) Images are available in JPEG (TIFF on request) format at 300 dpi in three sizes, with overall resolutions of approximately 768 x 512 ("1MB size"), 1536 x 1024 ("5MB size"), or 3072 x 2048 ("20MB size"). Higher resolutions will be phased in starting in February, 2005.

Academic Uses

For limited academic classroom display or print uses (such as live course lectures, individual student assignments, or term papers), not online, we can normally respond to inquiries with free permission for use of a limited number of images. Adjacent image credit is required to be displayed for any free use. Other academic uses may require other specific written permission from Artifice. Please note that we are not able to grant blanket permission for use of all images at GreatBuildings because of different agreements required by certain external rights holders.

Professional Staff

David Owen and all the staff at Artifice Images look forward to hearing from you whenever you may have a question, and any time you're ready to make a specific licensing inquiry.

Click Here to start your Image Licensing Inquiry

What is "Rights Managed" licensing?

"Rights Managed" is a nerdy term for a very sensible approach to image licensing.

At the high end of architectural photography is custom work, where you commission a professional photographer to visit a subject site and take new photographs to meet your particular needs. You should be able to get just what you want - at least if the building is still there and accessible - at the expense of covering the entire costs of the photographic project, as well as creative value.

At the other end of photo purchasing is royalty-fee imagery. This works well for very large collections of relatively generic images, which find such a large market that the providers can make money by selling the images in batches or via subscription for a typically very low price per image. A limitation of royalty-free is instead of such a broad market, specific architectural images have small (though still important markets).

In key ways, rghts-managed image licensing can provide the best of each. Images can be selected from a large, specialized, architecturally-focused and organized collection, providing effective images of thousands of particular building subjects. But instead of having to carry the entire costs, fees are negotiated or "managed" in proportion to the usually non-exclusive rights being licensed, considering factors such as prominence, volume, and commercial value of each licensed usage.

Some content published at GreatBuildings is controlled entirely by third parties, or may be in the public domain. Copyright for some material is owned or controlled directly by Artifice Images, including many photographic images and articles, and most 3D building models. Artifice Images is the authorized licensing agent for other content, including most photographic images. Artifice Images is a division of Artifice, Inc.

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