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Great Mosque , by unknown , at Kairawan, Tunisia , 820 to 836 .
1)  Click below to download a free 3D model of Great Mosque from this page.
2)  Decompress the model.  (Most browsers will do this automatically.)
3)  Open the model of Great Mosque in DesignWorkshop, and walk around in amazing live 3D.

If you don't already have DesignWorkshop on your computer, you can download DesignWorkshop Lite for free.   DesignWorkshop Lite is also available in an expanded download package for just $9.95, and on a complete 150MB dual-platform CD-ROM for just $19.95 with easy secure online ordering.

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Click to download a simple Massing Model of Great Mosque

(DesignWorkshop "", zip compressed)

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Click to download a simple Massing Model of Great Mosque

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Choose from these models if you would prefer an uncompressed 3dmf file, or if you have trouble decompressing a file provided above for Windows or Macintosh.   Because they are uncompressed, neutral 3dmf files will take much longer to download. However, if you set your Windows or Macintosh web browser to use DesignWorkshop as the helper application for ".3dmf" files, then these files will open directly into DesignWorkshop when downloaded.

Click to download a simple Massing Model of Great Mosque

(DesignWorkshop .3dmf, uncompressed binary)

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With DesignWorkshop Lite you will instantly experience Great Buildings models in live 3D, with both game-style walkthroughs and pre-set architectural views, and plan and elevation viewing. DesignWorkshop Lite is a complete freeware 3D modeling, walkthrough and rendering software application, available for free downloading. You can create your own architectural and home design models in DesignWorkshop Lite, too!

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Detailed Instructions For more detailed instructions on downloading, decompressing, and viewing free 3D models from the Great Buildings Online, please see our Model Viewing Notes page.

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Notes A massing model is a very simple, exterior-only type of architectural 3D model, used to study the essence of the overall 3D form and proportions of an architectural design.   Great Buildings Massing Models

A spatial model is an architectural 3D model with an intermediate level of detail, usually including some of both the interior and exterior of the structure. The spatial model may not be fully realistic, but it usually allows interior as well as exterior walkthroughs.   Great Buildings Spatial Models

A detailed model is a relatively complete interior/exterior architectural 3D model, used to view an architectural design relatively realistically. A detailed model often includes material textures, and even details like furniture and major ornamental elements.   Great Buildings Detailed Models

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