Architecture of Greece
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Arkontika, by Vernacular, at Northern Greece, Balkans, village, small town.

Athenian Treasury, by unknown, at Delphi, Greece, -510.

Erectheion, by Mnesicles, at Athens, Greece, -421 to -405.

Fourth Temple of Hera, by Rhoikos of Samos, at Samos, Greece, -575 to -550.

Greek Island House, by Vernacular, at Aegean Islands, Greece, -3000 to 2000.

Lion Gate, by unknown, at Mycenae, Greece, -1250.

Simonas Petras Monastery, by Vernacular, at Mount Athos, Greece, --.

Stoa in Sikyon, by unknown, at Sikyon, Greece, 300.

Stoa of Attalus, by unknown, at Athens, Greece, -150.

Temple of Apollo, by Ictinus, at Bassae, Greece, -420 to -410.

Temple of Athena Nike, by Callicrates, at Athens, Greece, -427.

Temple of Hephaestus, by unknown, at Athens, Greece, -449.

The Parthenon, by Ictinus and Callicrates with Phidias, at Athens, Greece, -477 to -438.

Theater at Epidauros, by Polykleitos, at Epidauros, or Epidhavros, Greece, ~ -300.

Theatre at Delphi, by unknown, at Delphi, Greece, -350.

Tholos, by Polykleitos the Younger, at Epidarus, Greece, -365 to -320.

Treasury of Atreus, by unknown, at Mycenae, Greece, -1200. Search - Weekly | Model Viewing Tips | Free 3D | Support | Artifice | Discussion | Books | ArchitectureWeek
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