Architecture of the World - Sixteenth Century, from 1500 to 1599
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Albrecht Durer House, by unknown, at Nurnberg, Germany, circa 1500.

Barcelona Pavilion, by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, at Barcelona, Spain, built 1928-1929, demolished 1930.

Castlegar House, by Richard Morrison, at Castlegar West, County Galway, Ireland, circa 1801.

Cathedral of St. Basil, by Barma and Posnik, at Moscow, Russia, 1554.

Chancellery Palace, by unknown, at Rome, Italy, 1483 to 1517.

Chateau de Chambord, by Domenico da Cortona, at Chambord, France, 1519 to 1547.

Chateau de Fontainebleau, by unknown, at Fontainebleau, France, ~ 1550.

City of Quito, by Collective, at Quito, Ecuador , 1550 to 1900.

Deal Castle, by unknown, at Kent, England, 1540.

Dogon Village, by traditional, at Mali, Africa, 0 to 1998.

English Hall House, by Vernacular, at England, 1200 to 1800.

Farnese Palace, by Antonio da Sangallo, at Rome, Italy, 1534.

Fasil Ghebbi, by unknown, at Fasil Ghebbi, Gondar Region, Ethiopia , circa 1500 to 1700.

Fatehpur Sikri, by unknown, at India, 1571 to 1585.

Fuji Broadcasting Center, by Kenzo Tange, at Tokyo, Japan, circa 1990.

Globe Theater, by unknown, at Southwark, London, England, UK, 1599 to 1614.

Greek Island House, by Vernacular, at Aegean Islands, Greece, -3000 to 2000.

Ibibio Village, by traditional, at Cameroon, Africa, 0 to 1990.

Imperial Palace, Kyoto, by unknown, at Kyoto, Japan, 750 to 1855.

Ise Shrine, by traditional, at Ise, Japan, 690 to current, 1997.

King's College Chapel, by unknown, at Cambridge, England, 1446 to 1515.

Laurentian Library, by Michelangelo, at Florence, Italy, 1525.

Library of St. Walburga, by unknown, at Zutphen, The Netherlands, 1561 to 1564.

Little Moreton Hall, by unknown, at Cheshire, England, ~ 1550.

Maasai Houses, by traditional, at Kenya, Africa, 0 to 1990.

Machu Picchu, by unknown, at near Cuzco, Peru, through 1500.

National Building Museum, by Montgomery C. Meigs, at Washington, D.C., circa 1885.

National Pensions Building, by Alvar Aalto, at Helsinki, Finland, competition 1949, built 1952.

Norwegian Farmhouse, by Vernacular, at Norway, 1200 to 1900.

Norwegian Storehouse, by Vernacular, at Norway, 1200 to 1900.

Olavinlinna Castle, by unknown, at Savonlinna, Finland, 1562.

Orvieto Cathedral, by Arnolfo di Cambio, at Orvieto, Italy, 1290 to 1500.

Palace of Charles V, by Pedro Machuca, at Granada, Spain, 1527 to 1568.

Palazzo Chiericati, by Andrea Palladio, at Vicenza, Italy, 1550 to 1580.

Palazzo Massimo, by Baldassare Peruzzi, at Rome, Italy, 1527 to 1536.

Palazzo Strozzi, by Benedetto da Maiano, at Florence, Italy, 1489 to 1539.

Palazzo Thiene, by Andrea Palladio, at Vicenza, Italy, 1545.

Palazzo del Te, by Giulio Romano, at Mantua, Italy, 1526 to 1534.

Piazza del Campidoglio, by Michelangelo, at Rome, Italy, 1538 to ~ 1650.

Pitfichie Castle, by unknown, at near Aberdeen, Scotland, UK, 1550.

Ponte Vecchio, by Taddeo Gaddi, at Florence, Italy, 1345 and 1564.

Positano, by traditional, at Amalfi Coast, Italy, -600 to 1990.

Qansuh al-Ghuri, by unknown, at Cairo, Egypt, 1504.

Redentore Church, by Andrea Palladio, at Venice, Italy, 1576 to 1591.

San Giorgio Maggiore, by Andrea Palladio, at Venice, Italy, 1560 to 1580.

San Maria della Consolazione, by Cola da Caprarola, at Todi, Italy, 1508.

Segovia Cathedral, by Juan Gil de Hontanon, at Segovia, Spain, 1522 to 1577.

Seville Cathedral, by unknown, at Seville, Spain, 1402 to 1520.

Seville Cathedral, by unknown, at Seville, Spain, 1402 to 1520.

Sforza Chapel, by Michelangelo, at Rome, Italy, 1558.

St. Maria di Carignano, by Galeazzo Alessi, at Genoa, Italy, 1552 to 1603.

St. Peter's of Rome, by Giacomo della Porta, at Vatican City, surrounded by Rome, Italy, 1546 to 1564 and 1590.

Stari Most, by Mimar Hajruddin, at Mostar, Bosnia, 1566.

Suleyman Mosque, by Sinan, at Istanbul, Turkey, 1551 to 1558.

Teatro Olimpico, by Andrea Palladio, at Vicenza, Italy, 1584.

Tempietto of San Pietro, by Donato Bramante, at Montorio, Rome, Italy, 1502.

The Albert Dock, by Jesse Hartley, at Liverpool, England, opened 1845.

The Escorial, by Juan Bautista de Toledo, Juan de Herrera, at near Madrid, Spain, 1562 to 1584.

The Library, Escorial, by unknown, at near Madrid, Spain, 1567.

The Louvre, by Pierre Lescot, at Paris, France, 1546 to 1878.

The Selimiye, by Sinan, at Edirne, Turkey, begun 1569.

Trumbull Public Library, by A. J. Palmieri, at Trumbull, Connecticut, circa 1970.

Villa Aldobrandini, by Giacomo Della Porta, at Frascati, Italy, 1598 to 1603.

Villa Capra, or Villa Rotunda, by Andrea Palladio, at Vicenza, Italy, 1566 to 1571.

Villa Farnese, by Giacomo Vignola, at Caprarola, near Viterbo, Italy, 1560.

Villa Foscari, by Andrea Palladio, at Malcontenta, Italy, 1549 to 1563.

Villa Trissino, by Andrea Palladio, at Vicenza, Italy, 1576.

Waldspirale, by Friedensreich Hundertwassser, at Darmstadt, Germany, circa 1990 to 2000.

Wellesley Fire Station, by Schwartz/Silver, at Wellesley, Massachusetts, circa 1980.

Wollaton Hall, by Robert Smythson, at Nottinghamshire, England, 1580 to 1588.

Zulu Kraal, by traditional, at South Africa, 0 to 2000.

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