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Adam Thoroughgood House, by Vernacular, at Norfolk, Virginia, 1636 to 1640.

Albrecht Durer House, by unknown, at Nurnberg, Germany, circa 1500.

Annaglee, by Richard Castle, at Cootehill, County Cavan, Ireland, 1740 to 1770.

Appenzell Farm, by traditional, at Canton Appenzell, Switzerland, --.

Arab Tent, by Vernacular, at Middle Eastern Deserts, --.

Arkontika, by Vernacular, at Northern Greece, Balkans, village, small town.

Brownstone House, by Vernacular, at New York, New York, late 1800 's.

Burns House, by Charles Moore, at Santa Monica Canyon, California, 1974.

Cappadoccia Cave Dwellings, by Vernacular, at Cappadoccia, Turkey,  .

Charleston Single House, by Vernacular, at Charleston, South Carolina, 1800 to 1900.

Chinese Collective Dwelling, by vernacular, at Fujan Province, China,  .

Chinese Junk, by Traditional, at China, --.

Coffee House on the Bosporus, by Sedad Eldem, at Istanbul, Turkey, 1948.

Danish Vernacular House, by Vernacular, at Denmark, --.

Davis House, by Howard Davis, at Eugene, Oregon, 1990.

Dogon Village, by traditional, at Mali, Africa, 0 to 1998.

Dogtrot House, by Vernacular, at Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Florida, 1800 to 1900.

Dolmen of Bisceglie, by unknown, at near Bari, Italy, -1200 to -1000.

Eishin School, by Christopher Alexander, at Tokyo, Japan, 1985.

English Hall House, by Vernacular, at England, 1200 to 1800.

Erlanger House, by Bernard Maybeck, at San Francisco, California, 1916.

Fairbanks House, by Vernacular, at Dedham, Massachusetts, 1750 (circa).

Ferris Court Farm, by traditional, at Gloucestershire, England,  .

Fetzer Winery Administration Building, by Valley Architects, at Hopland, California, 2002.

Galde House, by Vernacular, at Indonesia, --.

Garfield School, by Joseph Esherick, at San Francisco, California, 1981.

Globe Theater, by unknown, at Southwark, London, England, UK, 1599 to 1614.

Greek Island House, by Vernacular, at Aegean Islands, Greece, -3000 to 2000.

Havero Church, by unknown, at Uppland, Sweden, 1300.

Hood Museum of Art, by Charles Moore, at Hanover, New Hampshire, 1981 to 1983.

House in Tuckers Town, by Robert Venturi, at Tucker Town, Bermuda, 1975.

Houses in Mexicali, by Christopher Alexander, at Mexicali, Mexico, 1975 to 1976.

Ibibio Village, by traditional, at Cameroon, Africa, 0 to 1990.

Igloo, by Vernacular, at Arctic, --.

Khuner Villa, by Adolf Loos, at on the Kreuzberg, Payerback, Austria, 1930.

Lavenham Houses, by unknown, at Lavenham, Suffolk, England, 1400 's.

London Terraced House, by Vernacular, at London, England, 1600 's to 1900.

Maasai Houses, by traditional, at Kenya, Africa, 0 to 1990.

Matmeta Houses, by Vernacular, at Tunisia, --.

Miulea House, by Vernacular, at Japan, --.

Moore House, by Charles Moore, at Orinda, California, 1962.

Mosque at Djerba, by unknown, at Djerba, Tunisia, --.

Mug House, by Vernacular, at Mesa Verde, Colorado, 1260 to 1280.

Musgum Village, by unknown, at Africa,  .

Norwegian Farmhouse, by Vernacular, at Norway, 1200 to 1900.

Norwegian Stave Church, by Vernacular, at Oslo, Norway, --.

Norwegian Storehouse, by Vernacular, at Norway, 1200 to 1900.

Old Town of Bern, by collective, at Bern, Switzerland, 1400 onward.

Osterlars Church, by unknown, at Bornholm Island, Denmark, circa 1100.

Ouarzazate, by traditional, at Morocco, Africa, --.

Parson Capen House, by Vernacular, at Topsfield, Massachusetts, 1683.

Ponte Vecchio, by Taddeo Gaddi, at Florence, Italy, 1345 and 1564.

Positano, by traditional, at Amalfi Coast, Italy, -600 to 1990.

Saltbox House, by Vernacular, at New England, USA, 1800 's.

Samuel Whitman House, by Vernacular, at Farmington, Connecticut, 1664.

Seaside, by Duany and Plater-Zyberk, at Seaside, Florida, 1984 to 1991.

Shaker Barn, by unknown, at Eastern United States, 1865.

Shotgun House, by Vernacular, at New Orleans, Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, 1800 's to 1900 's.

Silver Lake Lodge, by Joseph Esherick, at Deer Valley, Utah, 1982.

Simonas Petras Monastery, by Vernacular, at Mount Athos, Greece, --.

Street in Siena, by unknown, at Siena, Italy, 1100 to 1300.

Taktsang Monastery, by Vernacular, at Bhutan, --.

Taliesin, by Frank Lloyd Wright, at Spring Green, Wisconsin, 1911 and 1925.

Taos Pueblo, by collective, at New Mexico, 1500 's and later.

Tepee, by Vernacular, at North America, --.

Timberline Lodge, by W. I. Turner, Howard Griffin, Dean Wright, Linn A. Forrest, Ward Ganno, at Mount Hood, Oregon, 1936 to 1938.

Tower House of Yemen, by Vernacular, at Yemen, Middle East, --.

Town of Salvador, by collective, at Bahia, Brazil, 1750 ish.

Tract House, by Vernacular, at United States, 1950 to 1994.

Trubek House, by Robert Venturi, at Nantucket Island, Massachusetts, 1972.

Trulli Houses, by Vernacular, at Alberobello, Italy, --.

Tuscan Farmhouse, by Vernacular, at Tuscany, Italy, --.

Donald Bren School of Environmental Science & Management, by Zimmer Gunsul Frasca, at Santa Barbara, California, 1999 to 2002.

Underground Court House, by Vernacular, at China, --.

Urner Boden, by traditional, at Urner Boden, Switzerland,  .

Viking Fortress, by unknown, at Sjaelland, Denmark, 1000.

Watts Towers, by Simon Rodia, at Los Angeles, California, 1921 to 1955.

Wyntoon, by Julia Morgan, at near Mount Shasta, California, 1924 to 1943.

Yurt, by Vernacular, at Mongolia, Central Asia, up to present.

Zulu Kraal, by traditional, at South Africa, 0 to 2000.

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