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Great Large Houses from Around the World and Across History

This is a list of the large houses in the Great Buildings Online. Nearby is a list of Small Houses and a long list of all Houses. There are also special lists of Architects Houses and Palaces, as well as lists by architectural style, plus great buildings of every other type and description.

In addition to these great and diverse houses at GreatBuildings, more classic architect-designed houses are available, with plans and free editable 3D models, in the Classic Homes Collection online at ArchitectureWeek.


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Annaglee, by Richard Castle, at Cootehill, County Cavan, Ireland, 1740 to 1770.

Banqueting House, by Inigo Jones, at Whitehall, London, England, 1619 to 1622.

Biltmore House, by Richard Morris Hunt, at Asheville, North Carolina, 1888 to 1895.

Castle del Monte, by unknown, at Apulia, Italy, 1240 to 1250.

Chateau de Chenonceaux, by unknown, at Chenonceaux, France, 1515 to 1576 +.

Chateau de Versailles, by Andre Le Notre, Louis Le Vau, Jules Hardouin-Mansart, Charles Le Brun, Robert de Cotte, Ange-Janques Bagriel, at Versailles, France, 1661 to 1774.

Chiswick House, by Lord Burlington, at Chiswick, England, 1729.

D. D. Martin House, by Frank Lloyd Wright, at Buffalo, New York, 1904.

Domus Aurea, by Severus and Celer, at Rome, Italy, 64.

Drayton Hall, by unknown, at near Charleston, South Carolina, 1738 to 1742.

Dunleith, by unknown, at Natchez, Mississippi, 1856.

Easton Neston, by Nicholas Hawksmoor, at Northamptonshire, England, 1695 to 1710.

Elphinstone Tower, by unknown, at near Edinburgh, Scotland, UK, 1440.

Farnese Palace, by Antonio da Sangallo, at Rome, Italy, 1534.

Fonthill, by Henry Mercer, at Doylestown, Pennsylvania, 1908 to 1910.

Fort Shannon, by unknown, at Glin, County Limerick, Ireland, 1800 to 1835.

Frank House, by Marcel Breuer, at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 1939.

Frank House, by Marcel Breuer, at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 1939.

Hadrian's Villa, by unknown, at Tivoli, Italy, about 120.

Heathcote, by Edwin Lutyens, at Ilkley, Yorkshire, England, 1906.

Hill House, by Charles Rennie Mackintosh, at Helensburgh, Scotland, 1902 to 1903.

Horta House, by Victor Horta, at Brussels, Belgium, 1898.

Hotel Solvay, by Victor Horta, at Brussels, Belgium, 1895 to 1900.

Hotel de Montmorency, by Claude Nicholas Ledoux, at Paris, France, 1769.

House near Besancon, by Claude Nicholas Ledoux, at Besancon, France, 1775 to 1779.

Imperial Villa Katsura, by Kobori Enshu, at Kyoto, Japan, 1620 (circa).

Isaac Bell House, by McKim, Mead, and White, at Newport, Rhode Island, 1881 to 1883.

Leys Wood, by Richard Norman Shaw, at Groombridge, Sussex, England, 1868 to 1869.

Little Moreton Hall, by unknown, at Cheshire, England, ~ 1550.

Merrist Wood, by Richard Norman Shaw, at England, 1876.

Monticello, by Thomas Jefferson, at Charlottesville, Virginia, 1768 to 1782.

Moser House, by Josef Hoffmann, at Vienna, Austria, 1901 to 1903.

Mount Vernon, by Lawrence and George Washington, at Mount Vernon, Virginia, 1743, remodeled 1754 to circa 1780.

Nashdom, by Edwin Lutyens, at Taplow, Buckinghamshire, England, 1905 to 1909.

Neuschwanstein Castle, by unknown, at Neuschwanstein, Germany, 1869.

Palazzo Chiericati, by Andrea Palladio, at Vicenza, Italy, 1550 to 1580.

Palazzo Thiene, by Andrea Palladio, at Vicenza, Italy, 1545.

Palazzo del Te, by Giulio Romano, at Mantua, Italy, 1526 to 1534.

Pitfichie Castle, by unknown, at near Aberdeen, Scotland, UK, 1550.

Poplar Forest, by Thomas Jefferson, at Forest, near Lynchburg, Virginia, 1806.

Potala Palace, by unknown, at Lhasa, Tibet, 1642 to 1650.

R. T. Paine House, by Henry Hobson Richardson, at Waltham, Massachusetts, 1884 to 1886.

Robie Residence, by Frank Lloyd Wright, at Chicago, Illinois, 1909.

San Simeon, by Julia Morgan, at San Simeon, California, 1922 to 1939.

Shodan House, by Le Corbusier, at Ahmedabad, India, 1956.

Stoclet Palace, by Josef Hoffmann, at Brussels, or Bruxelles, Belgium, 1905 to 1911.

Stratford Hall, by unknown, at Westmoreland County, Virginia, 1738.

Taliesin, by Frank Lloyd Wright, at Spring Green, Wisconsin, 1911 and 1925.

Taliesin West, by Frank Lloyd Wright, at Scottsdale, Arizona, 1937 onward.

Tassel House, by Victor Horta, at Brussels, Belgium, 1892 to 1893.

The Queen's House, by Inigo Jones, at Greenwich, England, 1616 to 1635.

The Salutation, by Edwin Lutyens, at Sandwich, Kent, England, 1911.

The White House, by James Hoban, at Washington, D.C., 1793 to 1801, burned 1814, porticos 1824 to 1829.

Villa Aldobrandini, by Giacomo Della Porta, at Frascati, Italy, 1598 to 1603.

Villa Capra, or Villa Rotunda, by Andrea Palladio, at Vicenza, Italy, 1566 to 1571.

Villa Farnese, by Giacomo Vignola, at Caprarola, near Viterbo, Italy, 1560.

Villa Trissino, by Andrea Palladio, at Vicenza, Italy, 1576.

W. G. Low House, by McKim, Mead, and White, at Bristol, Rhode Island, 1887.

Wingspread, by Frank Lloyd Wright, at Wind Point, Wisconsin, 1937.

Wollaton Hall, by Robert Smythson, at Nottinghamshire, England, 1580 to 1588.

Wyntoon, by Julia Morgan, at near Mount Shasta, California, 1924 to 1943.

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